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Balancing Point: Center for Wellness


4753 North Broadway Ste 101
Chicago , IL 60640

Balancing Point: Center for Wellness

Balancing Point Center For Wellness is one of Chicago’s leading pain management and integrated wellness clinics, which uses the best of Western and Eastern medicine. Every treatment plan is specially personalized to meet each of our client’s unique needs. This quality service is what sets us apart from other wellness clinics.

Whether you are suffering from neck or back pain, migraine, chronic pain or infertility, we will find a solution that works for you. In the expert hands of our team, we can get you back to your optimal health by using a combination of holistic therapies including physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractics and different massage therapies.

What makes Balancing Point different? Our people, our hands on approach and genuine concern to help you get better.

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