Meet Matthew Buccilla, co-owner of Andersonville’s newly-established modern men’s lifestyle and supplies store, Cowboys and Astronauts (1478 W Summerdale Ave). He has lived and thrived in Andersonville for years, and now with his partner, Greg Lanier, has opened a shop where can you find that new date shirt, grooming products that will make you feel like a million bucks, and barware that shows you’re a champion entertainer. Matthew comes from a family of business owners and can-doers, and excitedly shares with us his passion for business ownership and hospitality.

Matthew recording with us in Studio C at Transistor.

“For me, this isn’t just a retail business. I look at [Cowboys and Astronauts] as an experience and an extension of hospitality…”
– Matthew Buccilla

Listen to Episode 4 with Matthew Buccilla!

A peak inside Cowboys and Astronauts at 1478 W Summerdale Ave.

Here are some of Matthew’s references from Episode 4 that you may want to check out:

  • The Chamber teams asks Matthew for a fun fact about himself, and he references a reality TV show that he was on in 2005 called King of the Jungle. The show aired on Animal Planet and featured contestants who would meet and compete against exotic animals. Matthew participated in 9 of 11 rounds! Learn about the show here.
  • Before opening Cowboys and Astronauts, Matthew also served in the Army and was at one point named best Army chef in Europe! He also had a career with Herman Miller prior to the shop’s opening last November 2017.
  • Greg and Matthew chose Andersonville for their location because they couldn’t picture the shop anywhere else, especially with this immensely supportive community. They live nearby Dollop Diner (5060 N. Clark ) and frequent businesses like Foursided (5061 N. Clark ), and are credit their “meatball addiction” to Bar Roma (5101 N. Clark ) .
  • The name Cowboys and Astronauts was inspired by icons from both Matthew and Greg’s childhoods. It creates the idea of a pioneer spirit – adventurous and spontaneous, but always coming back to home. Their awesome buffalo constellation logo was designed by designer Dino Stongking. Check out his work here.
  • Matthew’s personal aesthetic is the basis for the store; he brings his yearning for the wilderness and city flavors to the shelf in a hand-curated perfect blend of mid-century modern, scandinavian, japanese, and middle american. Make sure to stop in to check out both the Smokey Bear art piece and the antlers that Matthew references in the episode! Plus, we are told the famous astronaut is NOT currently named. If you have an idea tag @cowboysastronauts on Instagram with #NameTheAstronaut


Matthew poses with Smokey Bear at a recent photo shoot for our 2018-19 Neighborhood Guide with photographer Mike Rivera.

Matthew poses with Smokey Bear at a recent photo shoot for our 2018-19 Neighborhood Guide with photographer Mike Rivera.

  • If you are inspired by the accent wall in Cowboys and Astronauts, it is Pollo Blue from Sherwin Williams OR Benjamin Moore. #NotSponsored
  • Greg is in a band called They Won’t Win, and they just finished recording their first album! Check out their website here.
  • Matthew and Greg created a grand opening spotify playlist that they would love to share! Happy listening – Take me to Spotify!

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