Always Andersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 138 with Sean Todd of UnicornLife

This week, Laura and Joelle are joined by Sean Todd, owner of UnicornLife: The Creative Agency. Unicorn Life offers services related to branding, digital design development + marketing, and print design. Sean is a firm believer that your mind should not be confined to an ideal set by the world around you. If your mind can imagine it, Unicorn Life can achieve it!

Listen to Episode 138 of Always Andersonville!

Top Podcast Highlights and where to find them (by timestamp):

1:18 – Sean starts off by explaining his southern background, his time in college, and how he ended up in Chicago.

3:36 – Want to know how Sean got into creativity and design? Tune in here!

5:53 – Sean explains how the name Unicorn life came about along with the backstory of what made him decide to start his own agency, Unicorn Life.

10:05 – Sean talks about what California taught him during his time there for both his business and his life

12:24 – Sean explains his employment and the business model he uses.

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“I would rather do something that is going to uplift my agency, uplift me, and uplift the people I am working with. If I am not uplifting that person or that business then I am not doing my job”

18:32 – Tune in to hear all of the services that UnicornLife has to offer!

23:17 – Sean talks through the process of his services from the initial conversation to launching the final product.

26:48 – Tune in to listen to Sean tell one of his favorite stories about his work experiences and some of his favorite projects!

34:37 – Sean shares how he makes each client unique and different depending on their business.

38:23 – Listen to how Sean uses magic to motivate him!

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“I believe big and dream big so I make big decisions and big moves. It’s a lot easier to love people than to put sadness and hate in the world,”

“The only thing that is limiting you is believing that you are limited,” Sean says when explaining what his main advice would be. 

58:00 – Talks about his branding and how he can use the work he does for his own portfolio.

50:30 – Sean says how much he enjoys Andersonville’s vintage and antique stores!

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“The more I give, unapologetically, out of my heart the more I receive in return.”

51:55 – Tune in to hear Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: What soul cycle class is your favorite to teach and what was your go to music? What is your opinion on Taylor Swift’s new albums during COVID? What is your favorite element of your redesigned office? Who is someone you admire or inspires you?Are Unicorns your favorite fictional animals?

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Instagram: @datunicornlife
Phone: (415) 500-1803