Always Andersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 144 with 47 Ward Alderman, Matt Martin

This week, Laura and David are joined by the 47th ward Alderman, Matt Martin. Elected in 2019, Alderman Matt Martin has spent his political career improving the 47th Ward community that so many of us call home. Before his time working as an elected official, Alderman Martin tirelessly worked as a civil rights lawyer for the Illinois Attorney General’s office, focusing on important issues such as police reform, healthcare, immigration, and workers’ rights. Now, Alderman Martin is leading to build a more prosperous and safe community. Find out more on today’s podcast!

Listen to Episode 144 of Always Andersonville!

Top Podcast Highlights and where to find them (by timestamp):

0:50 – Hear about Alderman Martin’s background and how he ended up in Chicago! 

3:19 – Listen to Alderman Martin discuss some of his favorite parts about living in Chicago.

5:03 – Learn what led Matt Martin to run for Alderman in the 47th Ward. Find out here.


“I wanted to make sure that I was focused on the whole range of issues that our residents and businesses in the 47th Ward care about.”

7:58 – Alderman Martin reflects on his two years in office and comments on some of his greatest achievements.

12:07 – Interested in what the Participatory Budget is and what the Youth Council does? Tune in to hear Alderman Martin explain it.

13:25 – Hear about some of the new policies and ordinances happening within the 47th Ward!

16:00 – Alderman Martin explains the boundaries of the ward and some changes that could be happening

: – Alderman Martin talks about how the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed himself and the community.

Matt Martin, Alderman, 47th Ward, City of Chicago

Matt Martin, Alderman, 47th Ward, City of Chicago

“When it comes to me personally, and how the pandemic has affected me, I would say that I have even more appreciation for the job that I have. That fact that day in and day out I get to work to help make people’s lives better, and to be creative in doing that.”

: – Through the hardships and innovation of this current pandemic, looking forwards Alderman Martin speaks on how the city and the community will manage crises in the future

: – Alderman Martin speaks on the best way to get involved within the community council meetings

: – Learn more about the 47th ward office team serving you and your community!

: – Alderman Martin describes the one thing he wishes people within the community understood about the Alderman’s office. Find out what it is.

: – Tune in for Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: What is our favorite jazz musician from Chicago? Do you have a favorite piece of music to play? What is your favorite Jazz Hall in the city? As the city is coming out of lockdown, is there anything you are looking forward to doing this summer? If you could choose one Andersonville business to run for a day, which one would you choose? Who has been your greatest source of influence in your life? Do you have any advice for youth looking to get involved? Is there anything you would like to directly say to those listening?


“Find ways to become active in your community in ways that you find really enjoyable, it shouldn’t be a chore… it should be that you care about this issue, you are passionate, maybe you are curious, and you want to learn more”

For more information on Alderman Matt Martin and what is going on within your community please check out the following platforms:
Phone: (773) 868-4747
Twitter: @AldMattMartin