Always Andersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 145 with 40 Ward Alderperson, Andre Vasquez

This week, David and Gene are joined by Alderperson Andre Vasquez of the 40th Ward. A lifelong Chicagoan, Alderperson Vasquez has worked to connect and include members across the 40th Ward. Before his time as Alderperson, Vasquez worked in a senior management position at a utility company eventually servicing over 145,000 Illinois households. Currently, Alderperson Vasquez is actively engaging within the community increasing sustainability, infrastructure, and justice. Find out more on this Podcast!

Listen to Episode 144 with Alderperson Andre Vasquez! 

Top podcast highlights and where to find them (by timestamp):

0:59 -Tune in to hear about Alderperson Vasquez’s time growing up in Chicago and his path in becoming an elected official.

3:07 – Alderperson Vasquez reflects on his proudest achievements in his past 2 years in office.

5:33 – Interested in hearing how the community has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic? Listen here.


“A lot of what we did coming into office was really putting the community at the forefront. When we did the zoning processes or really when we do anything, we are weighing in the community as having a really large say in the process.”

6:50 – Alderperson Vasquez talks about the future of the 40th Ward mutual aid group and how it looks like after COVID-19.

8:05 – Have you heard about what a Participatory Budget is? Find out more with Alderperson Vasquez and how it affects the 40th Ward!

9:45 – Alderperson Vasquez speaks on how the local Ward politics has changed since his predecessor.

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“I want to make sure neighbors know, I am responsive, I am listening to the issues, and I am willing to have the conversation with even folks who we may not agree, but I think being able to have those conversations in a respectful manner and hear each other out is how we find the common ground to build our community up.”

10:56 – What is the future of local Democratic Socialist candidates within Chicago? Find out more here.

12:28 – As there is a continuous and growing political division within politics, Alderperson Vasquez speaks about how he worked to build a coalition to improve the budgeting process for the City of Chicago. 

18:31 – Interested in getting involved within local government? Alderperson Vasquez has the solution for you, find it here.

19:50 – Alderperson Vasquez speaks about why he is passionate about the arts and community spaces as well as updates for both.

28:01 – Alderperson Vasquez speaks about advice he would give to youth in Chicago.



“Write it down and remember it. We all doubt ourselves when it comes to those types of ambitions, and you need to articulate them. I tell them I am 42 years old, and I started 6 or 7 years ago, y’all are in high school or grade school. You have a head start that you would not believe.” 

30:25 -Are you interested in some of Alderperson Vasquez’s opinions and city-wide guidelines on Cannabis? Find out more here!

40:18 – Are you a new/old resident in the 40th Ward looking to connect? Alderperson Vasquez explains how you can get connected. 

41:00 – Hear about the 40th Ward staff members that are helping your community!

Tune in for the rapid-fire questions! Questions include: Favorite superhero series? Favorite member of the Sinister 6? Who is your favorite artist to come out of the city of Chicago? Favorite music artist out of Chicago? Which city of Chicago Department would you choose to be commissioner of? What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? If you could pick a small business in Andersonville and Ravenswood to run for a day, which business would you choose to run? Favorite family activity to do in the 40th ward? Winnemac Park fireworks on the 4th of July, yes or no? Favorite Chicago neighborhood to spend a day in, that is not in the 40th Ward? Is there anything you would like to directly say to those listening? Could you talk more about the signage processes for small businesses?

For more information connect with Alderperson Vasquez on the following Platforms
Phone office: (773) 654-1867
Phone Personal: (773) 999-3313
Twitter: @Andrefor40th
Facebook: @40thward
Instagram: @40thward