Always Andersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 135 with Jamar Holloway of Visionary Eye Care

This week, Joelle and Kaylee are joined by Jamar Holloway of Visionary Eye Care in Andersonville at 5222 N Clark. Visionary believes that balancing great eye care and great eyewear is not an act; it’s their commitment to you. They’ve mastered the balance for over 25 years, bringing you expertise and style simultaneously. The team of doctors bring an incredible depth of knowledge to your care in order to bring you the best patient experience. Visionary won’t let you walk out looking anything short of your best, and they want their commitment to your care to shine through. You’ll see.


“My grandmother was blind … As a child, I spent a lot of intimate time with my grandmother one on one. My mother used to say, “I was my grandmother’s eyes.”
Jamar Holloway

Listen to Episode 135 with Jamar Holloway!

Top podcast highlights and where to find them (by timestamp):

:54 – Jamar kicks us off by telling us a little bit about himself and his background.

3:38 – Jamar tells us about his move to Chicago from Detroit post-college. 

4:34 – Hear about how he began to work with Visionary Eye Care here in Andersonville.

6:13 – How does Visionary Eye Care stand out among larger corporations? Tune in here to find out! 


“You have a lot more opportunity [in a small business] to kind of create the niche that you want to work in and to service the people and the clientele that want your service.”

7:42 – Jamar talks about how Visionary has evolved in the community over the years. They have developed such a strong and loyal customer base!

10:23 – Tune in to hear about how Visionary has altered their services over the last year with COVID-19. 

14:02 – Visionary had a makeover! Hear about some of the changes they have made like incorporating their logo color in their decor and some new lighting fixtures.

15:55 – They are very lucky to have some wonderful artists that decorate their windows throughout the year. Learn more about Brian Ested and Matt Cochrane. They’re planning on a 25th anniversary tribute for Visionary in June!

19:16 – Hear about some of the most memorable experiences Jamar has had with his patients.


“The patients that have transitioned on to a different community and life and work that still find value in returning to visionary is probably one of the most rewarding things from my professional career. It says a lot about what we offer and what we do.”

21:06 – Hear about what a first-time appointment might look like from the initial consultation to future appointments.

24:56 – Wondering if you need to go in for an eye appointment? Listen in on some tell-tale signs it might be time for a check up!

29:05 – Jamar tells us some of the most important things he’s learned from being an apprentice to now being a Partner at Visionary. Empathy is crucial!

32:13 – Tune in for Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: Do you have a favorite brand of eyewear? What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have a favorite spot in Andersonville? If you could have chosen any other career path, what would it be?

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