#AlwaysAndersonville: Digital Passport


In an effort to continue to support the Andersonville small business community during the uncertain time of COVID-19, the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce has launched the first #AlwaysAndersonville: Digital Passport. In nod to our #AlwaysAndersonville Holiday campaign, the Digital Passport allows Andersonville followers to show how they are staying virtually Active in Andersonville by tagging locations they have supported online. The passport is designed to echo our 5 Ways to Love A Local Business.

Play along to enter to win local gift cards! Download and save one of our passport graphics below; we’ve given you three different color choices! Post the image and tag businesses on Instagram or Facebook to enter. Don’t forget to tag yourself and us on Facebook or Instagram and with #alwaysandersonville to complete your entry. If you cannot save the images below, you can also download the passport images here: Blue/YellowTeal/OrangeGreen/Purple:




If you would like to participate in the #AlwaysAndersonville: Digital Passport, but are not on social media, feel free to download an image, fill in your answers and email the completed image back to us at info@andersonville.org.

Alternatively, we have also created a Coloring Passport sheet for you to print at home and complete with your kids! The Coloring Passport can be printed at home, filled in or illustrated and hung in your windows. Please make sure to scan or photograph your completed Coloring Passport sheet and email it to us at  info@andersonville.org to complete your entry. Download the Coloring Passport here or see image below: