#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Notes for Episode 2 with Georgia Jones of Chicago Mindful Psychothearpy

This week, the Andersonville Chamber team talks with Georgia Jones, owner of Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy located at 5537 N Clark. Georgia tells us all about her pathway to mindfulness, learning to incorporate mindful activities into everyday life, and wanting to promote a family friendly practice in Andersonville, the neighborhood she’s called home for over 18 years.

Georgia for blog notes

Georgia Jones in Studio C at Transistor for her episode interview.

“Andersonville feels like a small town, even though we have all the benefits of a multitude of cultures and the diversity and access to everywhere else in the city.”
– Georgia Jones

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Here are some of Georgia’s references from Episode 2 that you may want to check out!

  • Georgia recommends bringing a mindful attitude to something habitual you’re already doing (her example is teeth brushing). Mindfulness shouldn’t add to someone’s to do list. The definition of mindfulness or meditation is bringing concentration, clarity, and an attitude of equanimity (curiosity non judgment) to what you’re focusing on. The first step of meditation is to decide what you’ll focus on. Learn the basics of meditation and see what classes are available at Chicago Mindful.
  • Georgia mentions that she has 11 people on staff and two clinical  interns. All specialize in mindfulness and living with more ease. Get to know them here, including their mindfulness mascot, Maple!
  • We talk about the group therapy options offered at Chicago Mindful, particularly a group called Well Fed.  In group therapy, you learn you’re not alone. It decreases loneliness and shame. Don’t worry – it’s not public speaking! Check out all group classes.
  • We discuss Georgia’s blog for Chicago Mindful, and specifically why she’s written on the topics of loneliness and emptiness for the winter season. She also previews March’s Love & Connection topic, in which love can be found all around us in seemingly ordinary ways.
    January 2018 post: Emptiness and Void
    February post: The Emptiness of Self – NOT the Loneliness of Self
    March post: Love Comes in Many Forms
  • Georgia mentions that Chicago Mindful also offers Yoga, healing energy work and Reiki practice as other services. They’ve also started a monthly yoga class for other healers. Visit the Services tab on the Chicago Mindful website.
  • If Georgia had to pick another career, she would want to do something with flowers, either arranging or gardening. She mentions Gethsemane Garden Center (5739 N Clark) as a place of refuge. It certainly is amazing!
A peek inside the Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy clinic.

A peek inside the Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy clinic.

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