This week, we are joined by Searah Deysach, the owner of  Early to Bed, Chicago’s only women-oriented, trans-friendly, boy-friendly, queer, and all gender positive sex shop located at 5044 N Clark. This diverse business is dedicated to helping you explore your sexuality to the fullest, without fear, and they are one of the destinations for our upcoming Andersonville Wine Walk, this Sunday, May 20!

Searah Deysach, owner of Early to Bed

Searah Deysach, owner of Early to Bed

“We like to be that space where someone can ask that question that they’ve never known who to turn to before, on how to make their body feel better.”
– Searah Deysach 

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Here are some of the references from Episode 9 that you may want to check out:

  • Searah was inspired to found Early to Bed by her dissatisfaction with the local sex shops around Chicago. She wanted a business that focused on education, safety, and comfort; all things she wasn’t able to find at other establishments. Now she loves what she does: helping other people love what they do! Learn more about Early to Bed here.
  • Searah wants to make sure the “first time sex shop walker-inner” is comfortable and not scared of the experience.
  • Searah mentions the issues regarding medical research into sex, specifically for women. On the Early to Bed website, Searah lists several advice columns on everything from the G-spot to Open Relationships.
  • In addition to Early to Bed, Searah has also created two websites geared towards gender-inclusion: FTM essentials and Trans Kids. These webstores feature packing gear and more for everyone’s needs, big or small!
  • Classes at Early to Bed –
  • Within the community, Searah does a lot of outreach. Request her presentations here!
  • Searah also mentions being on the Board for the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce and loving getting involved and meeting fellow business owners from the Andersonville community. Learn more about the Board here.
  • If she didn’t have her current career, Searah would want to own a store, where she wouldn’t have to do social media! All kidding aside, she’d see herself in women’s health. She also thought it would be fun to trade places with the owners of Women and Children First (5233 N Clark) or anyone who serves drinks in the neighborhood.
Guests at Andersonville Wine Walk 2017 at Early to Bed. Guests can visit during the 2018 Wine Walk on the Cork Route.

Guests at Andersonville Wine Walk 2017 at Early to Bed. Guests can visit during the 2018 Wine Walk on the Cork Route.

“I love that I am contributing to the health of this neighborhood.”
– Searah Deysach

Visit Early to Bed on these platforms:
Online: early2bedshop.com
Facebook: facebook.com/early2bed
Instagram: @early2bed
Twitter: @Earlytobed