#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – notes from episode 12.4 with Shelly Fuerte of Lakeside Pride and Midsommarfest FAQs

In this episode, Sara Dinges and Laura Austin of the Andersonville Chamber give you a rundown of this weekend’s Andersonville Midsommarfest highlights, plus we are joined by Shelly Fuerte, Vice President of the Winona Foster Carmen Winnemac Block Club, otherwise known as the WFCW and singer in the Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles Latin Band. Shelly and her band will be playing Midsommarfest on Sunday, June 10 on the Center Stage at Berwyn at 1PM.

Opening ceremonies at Midsommarfest include the traditional Swedish maypole dance.

Opening ceremonies at Midsommarfest include the traditional Swedish maypole dance.

Listen to Episode 12.4 with Shelly Fuerte and our Midsommarfest Preview!

Here are some of the references from Episode 12.4 that you may want to check out:

Midsommarfest FAQs

  • Laura and Sara discuss details about tonight’s fest kickoff and the weekend ahead, particularly the Friday Night expansion and block party, and the Saturday morning opening ceremonies at 11AM featuring the maypole dance.
  • This year, we have 14 non-profits benefiting from Midsommarfest. View the full list!
  • If you want to donate directly to a Senn highschooler, Senn students are staffing the Summerdale gates (East and West) on Saturday, June 9 from 10AM-6PM
  • Midsommarfest is going ALL CANS this year. We are giving away 100 FREE koozies to the first 100 people to donate at the gates and koozies will be for sale at the Chamber Booth all weekend 
  • Music: Fest favorites Mucca Pazza and Rod Tuffcurls and The Bench Press are returning to Midsommarfest this year. Local Bands too! View the lineup here.
  • Our Alamo Playlot will feature Kids  & Family activates including an agility demonstration from Urban Pooch on the Summerdale Stage at 1:15PM on Sunday, June 10. Check out who’s featured
  • The Chicago Equality Rally returns on Sunday, June 10 at Noon at the Balmoral Pride Stage featuring speaker Rick Garcia, with elected officials, the Senn High School Orchestra, and more. 
The Lakeside Pride Ensembles Latin Band

The Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles Latin Band

“That’s what everyone wants to do – Is really just laugh and sing and dance and live and not be judged and not be told that you can’t.”
– Shelly Fuerte

Lakeside Pride Latin Band and Shelly Fuerte 

  • Shelly moved here to Andersonville in 2012 with her husband from Jackson Hole, WY and fell in love with the neighborhood.
  • Shelly is a road manager, (programming Jane Lynch at City Winery on November 30), a programmer for the Pittsburgh Symphony, and also sells essential oils on the side.
  • WFCW is one the longest standing block clubs in Chicago
  • Shelly has been performing with Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles for the last 2 or 3 years. Shelly and her husband are both trombone players and were looking for something nearby
  • There are 12 ensembles with Lakeside Pride! View them here. Shelly was previously involved with the Symphonic Band and Cabaret band, but wanted to start the Latin Band.
  • The name of the Latin Band is Tako Toosday, as they rehearse on Tuesdays and always get tacos after! Of the 17-member ensemble, 75% is female or female identified
  • Shelly’s favorite song to perform is Marc Anthony’s Vivir Mi Vida
     and many of the other ensemble members are involved in picking songs for the group 
  • Shelly is also involved in Friends of Andersonville, one of our beneficiaries working the beer booths during Midsommarfest weekend.
  • Folks can join one of the ensembles of Lakeside Pride online or visit the group at this weekend’s festival to learn more. 
  • If given the chance of the day, Shelly would choose to switch places with Jameson Loves Danger (5208 N. Clark)  because she loves animals and the owners and employees who work there. Folks can register their own dogs at the Midsommarfest Pet Parade this weekend, sponsored by Jameson Loves Danger, on Saturday, June 9 at 12PM. 

“ I think it’s so special to have a really local business care so much about what they are doing.”
– Shelly Fuerte

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