#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – notes from episode 14 with Ted Fournier or Orange Shoe Personal Fitness

This week, we are joined today by Ted Fournier, owner of Orange Shoe Personal Fitness Andersonville located at 5609 N Clark Street. Orange Shoe is known for its amazing customer service and family-style vibe with options for cardio, strength, and cross training as well as kettlebell and yoga, and even nutrition counseling! Ted has quite the story to tell about overcoming life-changing injury with the powerful remedy of proper physical therapy and training.


Ted in the main training room of Andersonville's Orange Shoe Personal Fitness.

Ted in the main training room of Andersonville’s Orange Shoe Personal Fitness.

“We want to be a home, or the gym, for anyone who hasn’t been comfortable in a gym.”
– Ted Fournier 

Listen to Episode 14 with Ted Fournier!

Here are some of the references from Episode 14 that you may want to check out:

  • Teds episode was recorded back in the spring when we were prepping for the new Neighborhood Guide – it’s out now and you can request your FREE copy here!
  • Ted suffered a terrible car accident years back with many surgeries for recovery. He spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to feel better and the only thing that worked was stretching and working out. After several years in the finance industry, he got his personal training certificate and started working with the Orange Shoe Personal Fitness in Lakeview/North Center. Read Ted’s bio here!
  • Ted’s trainer team is very diverse. They all have different backgrounds and specialties. Meet them here! All clients are encouraged to rotate trainers as well.
  • Every client is invited in for a free consultation session to start their training. The team comes together to create a program based on fitness goals and budget. Learn more here. 
  • Laura Brown is Orange Shoe’s registered dietitian and trainer and runs the Healthy Foundations Program at Orange Shoe. View the program here. Clients can also pick up healthy recipe sheets from Laura near the doorway of Orange Shoe!
  • Orange Shoe is a small business model, but is part of a franchise with six other locations. The original name came from the founder, who used to wear crazy fluorescent orange shoes (before the bright shoe fade). Orange Shoe’s long term growth plan is to have their trainers become future owners. Learn about franchising here. 
  • Ted would trade places with an Andersonville business that isn’t open seven days a week! But in all honestly, would like to trade places with Little Bad Wolf (1541 W. Bryn Mawr). Good choice Ted!
Ted during his Neighborhood Guide photo shoot showing off some stretches.

Ted during his Neighborhood Guide photo shoot (the same shoot he mentions to us at the beginning of the episode) showing off some stretches.

“When you can be in a neighborhood that really connects with who you are as a person, that’s a true community.” 
– Ted Fournier 

Visit Orange Shoe Personal Fitness Andersonville on these platforms:
Online: orangeshoe.com/ChicagoAndersonville
Facebook: facebook.com/OrangeShoeAndersonville
Instagram: @orangeshoepersonalfitness