#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – notes from Episode 16 with Alma Gutierrez of Cassona Home Furnishings and Accessories

In this week’s episode, Laura and Joelle are joined by Alma Gutierrez founder and owner of Cassona Home Furnishings and Accessories, located at 5241 N Clark.  Cassona has been serving the Andersonville community by offering affordable and high quality furniture since 1999. Shoppers can discover smaller scale items like vases and picture frames, as well as larger scale items like sofas and tables with the help of Cassona’s dedicated and friendly staff.

Alma Guitierrez inside of her store, Cassona, in Andersonville.

Alma Guitierrez inside of her store, Cassona, in Andersonville.

“Andersonville caught my attention because it’s a very quaint and very intimate neighborhood.”
– Alma Gutierez

Listen to Episode 16 with Alama Gutierrez! 

Here are some references from Episode 16 that you may want to check out:

  • The neighborhood has become more gentrified since Alma first opened here. But, it has become more active and more businesses have opened. Alma really enjoys Big Jones (5347 N Clark) , Ora Sushi (5143 N Clark )  and now Octavio (5310 N Clark)
  • Cassona means large house or mansion in Spanish. At first Alma was strictly importing items from Mexico, so she felt it was important to capture the Spanish aspect of her business in its name. She did, however, add the extra “s” to nod to Italian culture.
  • When Alma traveled for her past job, she fell in love with all of the different cultures and subcultures that she came across, and she decided she wanted to make these items available to the U.S market.  
  • Before opening Cassona, Alma worked in real estate which is something that she still does currently.  Even before that, she worked for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.  
  • Paris and Egypt are Alma’s favorite places to travel to, but she recommends first time international travelers to visit Asia, as it is one of the most magical places she has ever been to. She specifically mentions Halong Bay in Vietnam. She wants to go to Portugal in the future too, because she hears it beautiful and inexpensive.  
Sofa lines carried at Cassona.

Sofa lines carried at Cassona.

  • Cassona carries sofa lines that are produced in the United States – Alma does this to assure her customers of quality, affordability, warranties, and customization.
  • During this 4th of July week, Cassona is offering 20% off of their eco-friendly furniture line made of 100% muscle bamboo. The sale is happening now through July 9! Check it out.

Cassona storefront featuring the July 4 sale.

  • Cassona is also participating in the Andersonville Summer Sidewalk Sale on July 27-29 and will be offering a lot of good products.   
  • Cassona has done two benefits this year so far. One was for Casa Central which is an organization out of Humboldt Park.  The other was to help the current situation in Puerto Rico. On September 27, Alma and Cassona are planning a benefit for Honduras which is where Alma is from. She has a friend that runs an organization that helps build schools there. Stay tuned for more info!
  • Alma would trade places with Lost Larson (5318 N Clark) in Andersonville for a day. Gourmet food is one of Alma’s passions and she’s curious to learn how Bobby picks his raw materials and processes them, works the mill, etc.

“It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s an incredible neighborhood”
– Alma Gutierez 

Cassona hosted Third Thursday Networking in their storefront last November 2017.

Cassona hosted Third Thursday Networking in their storefront last November 2017.

Visit Cassona on the following platforms:
Online: cassona.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cassonafurniture
Instagram: @cassonachicago
Twitter: @cassonachicago
Yelp: Cassona Home Furnishings and Accessories