#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Notes from Episode 18 with Terese Lang McDonald of Candyality

In this week’s episode we are joined by Terese Lang McDonald, owner of Candyality located at 5225 N Clark.  Candyality carries thousands of bulk items and sweet treats including gummies, sours, taffy, and more. If you want to view paradise, close your eyes, make a wish and enter into a world of pure imagination. Just look for the sweet corner candy shop next to the blue Dala horse in Andersonville.

Terese in Studio C at Transistor.

Terese in Studio C at Transistor.

“I had my eye on Andersonville almost from the beginning”
– Terese Lang McDonald

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Here are some references from Episode 18 that you may want to check out:

  • Candyality has locations in the Southport Corridor, Water Tower Place and Andersonville.  She chose Andersonville because she lives close and it is such a vibrant neighborhood and filled with small independent businesses. Check out all locations here.  
  • Originally, Terese was in politics working for Terry Thompson, but then she went into the beauty industry.  When she left the industry she was the vice-president for Yves Saint Laurent.  
  • Terese created a module about candy personalities for a sales training ice breaker and it went over really well. She and her team were asked to go overseas and teach the candy personality module. Terese had originally planned to open a beauty apothecary shop but opened Candyality instead. Candy + personality= Candyality. The name is actually Trademarked.
Terese and her staff show off candy offerings at Candyality.

Terese and her staff show off candy offerings at Candyality.

“People that didn’t like each other became best friends over a piece of candy”
– Terese Lang McDonalad

  • Terese serves as president for the SSA 27 for her Southport location in Lakeview and she hopes that she can serve the community well.
  • Candyality just celebrated National Candy Month this past June and Terese and her staff attend the Sweets & Snacks Expo here in Chicago at the end of each May to learn about new candy offerings.
  • When shoppers pick out candy at Candyality, the staff will look at each bag and offer a candy “personality” or Candyality reading based on each shopper’s selection upon checkout! We have some fun with Terese doing live candy personalities on air in this episode.  
  • The most popular candies in Andersonville are of course Swedish Fish, sour belts, milk chocolate pretzel twist, malted milk balls and english toffee slab.
  • Terese watches Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory almost every day in one of her stores and still loves it.
  • Candyality has just started offering Mochi, a very popular item in the summer. Mochi is a Japanese ice cream ball encased in a sweet rice dough.
  • Terese made a Skittles wrapper dress for one of the malls downtown.  The next year she approached Wrigley Gum and asked if they would sponsor them to do a series of dresses that would tell their brand story. See the Candy dresses in person at the shop!
  • Candyality is participating in Taste of Andersonville this year on Wednesday, August 15 from 6-9PM, as well as sponsoring the first Candy 5K here in Chicago. The race takes place on September 22 at 8AM in Lincoln Park and benefits Girl Forward.
  • If given the chance to trade places with another business owners, Terese would trade with Rick Verkler, the General Manager of The Guesthouse Hotel (4872 N Clark).
Terese poses with the "timeless" candies available at the shop, including the Necco Wafers she mentions in the episode!

Terese poses with the “timeless” candies available at the shop, including the Necco Wafers she mentions in the episode!

Visit Candyality on the following platforms:
Online: candyality.com 
Facebook: facebook.com/CandyalityChicago
Instagram: @candyality
Twitter: @candyality