#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 129 with Jacques Gourguechon of Whole Hearted Psychotherapy

This week, Joelle and Kaylee are joined by Jacques Gourguechon of Whole Hearted Psychotherapy. Jacques is a licensed professional counselor who is interested in helping couples struggling with issues of trust be it affairs, alcoholism, behavioral addictions or estrangement. No matter how down you might feel, they believe that each person has certain inherent strengths and that identifying and building on these strengths fortifies you emotionally and leads to sustainable change.


 “Under every anger there is a desire or need. And the question is, how do we open that person’s consciousness up to what they’re really looking for?”
– Jacques Gourguechon

Listen to Episode 129 with Jacques Gourguechon!

Top podcast highlights, and where to find them (by timestamp):

1:51 – To kick off our podcast, Jacques tells us about his background and how he became interested in his field of study. He was a city planner for 35 years before he got his counseling degree and started his clinic!

4:34 – Hear how Jay and Jacques started Whole Hearted Psychotherapy

6:03 – How did they choose Andersonville as the location for their clinic? “It’s a great neighborhood. Very diverse.” Jacques has lived here for about 13 years!

8:25 – Tune in to hear what work situations peak Jacques interest the most. His clients are all adults, but he also volunteers at an alternative high school when he is able.

9:53 – Writing, drawing and music are an important adjunct to talk therapy. Hear Jacques talk about the one that has worked best with him and his clients.

12:29 – Hear us discuss some tips for maintaining mental health through winter and COVID-19. He recommends finding value in what you have right now, whether it’s spending time with family or learning a new hobby, there is always something to put your mind and soul into in a healthy way.

 “Mindfulness … I think we all need to slow down … Even if it’s only 10 minutes a day.”

16:30 – Jacques talks about how he goes about handling angry or frustrated clients. “We all get angry. It’s what you do with the anger that counts.

20:09 – Jacques studied under John Gottman for a number of years. Hear him talk about some learning lessons that have stuck with him during his years of practice. The Four Horsemen are the most important!  

24:16 – Hear Jacques talk about his thoughts on the triggers of today’s mental health issues. Pressure in the workforce is a big one!

28:02 – Are you looking into going into the field of therapy? Hear some advice from an expert. “You have to like people … A therapeutic relationship between a therapist and his client, or her client, is a very close one.”

30:19 – Tune in to hear some Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: How do you personally handle stress? Do you have a favorite spot in Andersonville? Who or what inspires you the most?

“It’s a very satisfying profession, as well. It certainly makes me feel very good when I see someone improve and grow.”

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