#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 130 with Matt Leyes of Men’s Grooming Parlor

This week we are joined by Matt Leyes, owner and esthetician of Men’s Grooming Parlor. Matt’s commitment to men’s skin care keeps him at the top of his profession by staying up to date on the best, safest and most exciting new developments in skin care. At The Men’s Grooming Parlor, you will see that his skill and knowledge mix seamlessly with his charming personality to make for a fun, relaxing experience that will keep you looking and feeling your best.


Men’s Grooming Parlor is featured in this week’s episode.

“What I try to do is make everything seem very calm, easy, natural, and commonplace.”
-Matt Leyes

Listen to Episode 130 with Matt Leyes!

Check out these Episode 130 highlights (by timestamp):

1:14 – Matt kicks us off by telling us about his background. He went from being a photographer, to being a self-taught makeup artist, to discovering his love for skin care! Learn more about the Aveda Institute here.

9:09 – Hear how Matt balanced working multiple jobs. Paralegal by day, personal assistant by night, and a spa specialist on the weekends.

12:23 – Matt first moved to Andersonville in 2009 and started his business in a two bedroom apartment above Anteprima. Hear how he pushed through and achieved his goals!

14:06 – Tune in to hear the services Men’s Grooming Parlor offers. His most popular service is the Brazilian wax!

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 2.03.58 PM

Tippy Hedren, the actress who inspired Matt to start his program, the Global Grooming Initiative.

15:27 – Matt tells us the incredible story of how his team or “family” came to be. “I would donate to charities that I believed in, but it almost felt like that momentary signing of the check diminished quite quickly … It wasn’t a lasting sense of fulfillment.” He wanted to do something more impactful, and everything fell into place

21:14 – The Men’s Grooming Parlor has great reviews on Yelp. Hear how Matt makes the office space stand out. Fun fact: he took some of his inspiration from Indiana Jones!

PM9W09 Studio Publicity Still from Vega$ Robert Urich 1978 All Rights Reserved File Reference # 31720005THA For Editorial Use Only

Matt’s office style was inspired by Indiana Jones.

24:52 – Listen in on what a first-time client experience is like. He cares and wants his clients to feel comfortable.

28:49 – Want to hear about his dog, Bug? Tune in here!

31:57 – Hear one of the most important things he’s learned about in his professional career.

“What makes you different and unique is your personality … Be interested and be interesting.”

34:04 – What does Matt recommend to up and coming estheticians? Tune in here!

35:44 – Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: Favorite style icon? Style crush? In your opinion, which Star Wars movie or trilogy is the best? How do you perform self-care in your free time? Do you have an era that you would like to travel back too? Dead or alive, who are three people you would like to invite to your dinner party? You can only use three skin care products for the rest of your life. What would they be and why?

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