Always Andersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 133 with Mia Sakai and Tim Hannifan of Ándale Market

This week, Laura and Joelle are joined by Mia Sakai and Tim Hannifan, owners of Ándale Market, the fan favorite “bodega with swag” that opened this past December, 2020. Ándale offers a curated selection of goods on-the-go, from pantry items you never knew you needed to gourmet chocolate bars, puzzles, pretty pink dog poop bags, soup kits and more at 5232 N Clark.


“This is your store. It’s not ours necessarily. It’s here for the community. For the neighborhood. We just feel so lucky to be a part of it.”
-Mia Sakai

Listen to Episode 133 with Mia & Tim!

Top podcast highlights, and where to find them (by timestamp):

:43 – Tune in to hear about Mia and Tim’s background! 

4:25 – Mia talks about what she worked on before Ándale. She has worked with Bloomberg, Dow Jones, & the Wall Street Journal! 

5:59 – Hear how they came up with the name Ándale.


“Bodegas are a very Latino-community thing … Ándale is a little bit of a nod to where this all came from.”
-Tim Hannifan

7:57 – What drew them to Andersonville, working with Midsommarfest, and eventually starting their own business? Tune in here! “It just sort of had this sense of community that resonated with me.” 

12:48 – Mia and Tim tell us about what the build out was like for their small business! They had a lot of help from the Chicago Tool Library, which was very helpful during the pandemic

18:28 – Hear about the curated products that Ándale sells!


“We’re trying to bring in things that you wouldn’t find everywhere … We want people to be surprised.”

“Everything that we have serves a purpose; They’re all functional items.”

25:03 – They sell local products like Karl’s Craft Soup, Long Table Pancakes, Squishy Face Dog Treats, and Downstate Donuts. Hear about how they connected with these businesses and chose them for their store!

30:09 – How many condiments does Ándale have? Estimate: 50.

33:25 – Mia and Tim tell us about the black-owned businesses they feature and why they are the perfect fit for their store. “People care about who and what is behind their foods … I think people really like seeing, having information about what’s behind a brand.” Mia has actually worked on a project about interviewing the owners behind brands. Check it out here:

Tune in for Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: Favorite Brand that inspires you right now? Favorite cool-shit shop (Mia: Regular Visitors)? Favorite Instagram to follow (Mia: @byseanbrown and @cj_hendry)? Favorite music genre for inspiration? East Coast or West Coast? Favorite snack food? Go to taste sensation: Salty, sweet, umami, sour, or bitter?

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Check out Ándale Market on the following platforms:
Instagram: @AndaleMarket

Listed below are some more local vendors for Ándale Market: