#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes For Episode 46 with Terry Opalek and Michael Frontier

This week, Laura is joined by Terry Opalek and Michael Frontier. Terry and Michael founded Terry’s Toffee in 2002 and sold the business in 2015. Currently they co-facilitate a variety of workshops using their many years of life and business experiences to help others connect with their place and purpose on this planet. Both Terry and Michael are also certified Reiki Masters.


Michael (left) and Terry (right) in Studio C at Trainsistor.

“It’s what I did, but it wasn’t who I am.”
– Michael Frontier

“Worry is the biggest waste of your imagination”
– Terry Opalek

Listen to Episode 46 with Michael and Terry!

Here are some references from the show you may want to check out:

  • Terry and Michael both attended a class titled “The Artist’s Way” in 2002. Based off of a book by author Julia Cameron, this twelve-week course reawakened their creative spirits and helped them realize they were not living the most fulfilling versions of their lives. Because of this class, Terry left a twenty-year-long career in the California State Chamber of Commerce. Nine months later, both he and Michael worked to open up Terry’s Toffee – an Andersonville business that has been a staple for several years.
  • One of the many ways that “The Artist’s Way” class has helped Terry and Michael is through their morning pages – a writing ritual introduced to them by this class. Most mornings they write three pages of their stream of consciousness; grammar and eloquence do not matter – they just write whatever is running through their mind. Both of them said that this ritual has provided them with better mental clarity throughout the day, and has helped them realize how needless worrying about the future really is.

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    Michael (left) and Terry (right) co-owned and ran Terry’s Toffee for 14 years.

  • Terry’s Toffee was a culmination of Terry’s past food experience, his grandmother’s toffee recipe, and the desire for creative and spiritual fulfillment. He and Michael ran the business for fourteen years, and ended up selling the company.
  • Selling Terry’s Toffee was a shocking move to many at the time, but there were legitimate reasons behind this decision: The desire not to impede on the growth of the business, a feeling of finality and completion of his passion, and a desire to return to full-time Reiki work.
  • Since then, Michael and Terry have been hosting workshops that expand on “The Artist’s Way” class that changed their lives – “The Artist’s Way and Beyond.” Terry also helps people change their perception of wealth in his class “Developing a Healthy and Wealthy Life.” Michael has continued with his clairvoyant readings and teaches classes on intuition.
  • An excellent local example of these workshops in action is that of George Bezera, former trainer at Cheetah Gym (5248 N Clark). Terry and George started working together in 2016; George, who had always wanted to open his own gym, learned to trust his intuition,opened his first gym in 2017, and currently has several branches in the city with plans to expand.
  • Both Terry and Michael have put a great deal of work into mental clarity and centeredness; they are excited to share their findings, help others learn to trust themselves, connect them to their imaginations, and push them to live with purpose.
  • Terry and Michael work on a podcast called Jumping the Fence with their friends Mary Pat and Jen. Every Wednesday they come out with a new episode where they discuss living a healthy lifestyle in every aspect: physical, mental, financial, and so on. The podcast is available on Stitcher and Apple Podcasts.
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    Left to right: Terry, Jen. Mary Pat, and Michael meeting for their podcast “Jumping the Fence.”

  • If Michael could work at any Andersonville business for a day, he would work at Cowboys and Astronauts (1478 W Summerdale) because he really loves the shop’s energy and merchandise. Terry said he would want to work at Reza’s Restaurant (5255 N Clark), as it would fit well with his food experience and he would love to talk with all of the customers.
  • For more information about Terry and Michael and their upcoming workshops please visit their respective websites at terryopalek.com and michaelfrontier.com.