#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes from Episode 114 with Shaily Hakimian, the Social Media Sherpa

This week, Laura and Joelle are joined by social media sherpa, motivational math tutor, speaker, connector, and reality competition show fan, Shaily Hakimian. Shaily started doing social media for her hobby community in high school on MySpace. Now she guides businesses on how to stay top of mind with their community and referral network using social media. We connected with Shaily recently for two TikTok for Business led webinars in the Andersonville Chamber network. 

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“Put a little personal wherever you go. They are buying into you.”
– Shaily Hakimian

Listen to Episode 114 with Shaily Hakimian!

Here are some references from Episode 114 that you may want to check out:

  • Shaily is no stranger to podcasts! She’s been interviewed on more than 10! Check them out here. 
  • For our icebreaker question, Shaily would choose to be an actor on the old show Happy Endings! We spend a lot of time talking about this show…mostly to figure out what it was called!
  • With 23 jobs listed on her LinkedIn profile, we asked Shaily how she started down this social media sherpa path. She studied education in college and sort of fell into teaching social media. She also wanted to be a matchmaker at one point. 


“I’m going to be in the business of being in the business of a lot of things.”

  • She has taught in Jewish Education, worked with student teaching, has taught in Australia and more. 
  • She also occasionally tutors kids in math! Shaily recommends Khan Academy and Tutor.com, and many libraries actually pay for a subscription, so it’s free to use if you’re a member of the library. Shaily also mentions that she is a member currently of the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors.
  • Collaborations between groups is happening now that never would have happened in the past, and “I love that because of Cornoa, we’ve been able to partner with organizations that we never would have in the past.” 
  • Virtual is a great way to do programming, and she references the Inbound Conference, happening completely virtually for the first time this week. 

“It’s hard to make a connection with a brand without putting a face behind it.”

  • Show people your personal story on your business profiles to allow folks to connect with your brand. Delicately merge your worlds, but if part of personal story is about building your business, tell it! Shaily also recommends putting a line about fun things you’re interested in on your LinkedIn profile because you’ll never know who it’ll connect you with.
  • Fun fact: Shaily LOVES competitive reality shows, and just competed on an online reality show called Sequester with an all Jewish cast from all over the world.
  • The Chamber staff recently met Shaily virtually through two TikTok for Business workshops she hosts for both Andersonville Chamber Members and also fellow Chambers. Shaily’s advice: “Get on TikTok because it is so much content that you’ll love and relate. TikTok’s magical algorithm has put so many wonderful people in front of me that I never would have met.”
  • Experiment with different social media platforms and where your audience can find you and show them you’re an expert in whatever you do.


“Social Media is something you have to have a plan for.” 

  • When a business meets with Shaily initially, she sees often that businesses aren’t prepared with a social media plan, so often they start there. What she likes to ask her clients is, “do you have a referral network already?” as they are the people to most likely send business your way. As a social media manager, she’s not going to magically find your audience for you from scratch. It’s important to do a social media audit in advance and to give the business feedback on what an audience is finding.
  • Shaily is a member of Chicago Magic Lounge and advises don’t be scared of virtual magic, and definitely check out Chicago Magic Lounge’s virtual cocktail hour
  • Shaily’s hobby is standup comedy and she has previously been part of comedy groups that let her practice her skill of speaking in front of people. It has all helped build her public speaking skills to apply directly to her business. 
  • One of Shaily’s hobbies during the pandemic has been creating dot art – check it out below!
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Shaily’s pandemic dot art.

Follow Shaily on the following platforms:
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