#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes from Episode 115 with Scott and Jill Freeman of Bryn Mawr Jewelry, Co.

This week, Laura and Heather are joined by Scott and Jill Freeman of Bryn Mawr Jewelry, Co. Bryn Mawr Jewelry is a luxury diamond jewelry house known for its exceptional fine jewelry and timeless designs. Their exquisite pieces showcase rare diamonds and gemstones, brought to life through distinguished craftsmanship with uncompromising attention to detail. Having relocated to Andersonville in February of this year, you can have them help you create a custom jewelry piece of your dreams at 5139 N Clark.


Scott and Jill Freeman. Photo by Jamie Kelter Davis

“None of this is stopping anyone from getting married. Love will always win.”
– Scott Freeman

Listen to Episode 115 with Scott & Jill Freeman!

Top podcast highlights, and where to find them (by timestamp):

  • 0:55 – Scott’s currently working on a bat-themed custom claddagh ring and talks about the custom jewelry process
  • 4:50 – Learn about jewelry casting with molds!
  • 6:05 – Tune in here to listen to Bryn Mawr Jewelry’s history as a shop

The mural Scott had painted in the Andersonville shop by artist John Airo. Photo by Jamie Kelter Davis.

  • 9:05 – Scott speaks to the beautiful Chicago/Andersonville/Phish-themed mural in he had done for the shop by artist John Airo 
  • 11:20 – Learn more about how Bryn Mawr Jewelry has handled the initial COVID closure only 3 weeks after their Andersonville Grand Opening. This section also speaks to the origins of Scott’s alter alias, the Dancing Jeweler on Instagram
  • 14:36- Jill’s share’s her history with the jewelry business, having worked in the industry since age 15 and alongside Scott at Bryn Mawr Jewelry since 2015. She also runs the store’s marketing and operations.
  • 16:50 – Scott and Jill discuss their COVID safety protocols including 6-8 people in the store at one time, with appointments or walk in options available, sanitizing the jewelry pieces in between and social-distance markers in shape of diamonds
  • 17:45 – Scott gives us the origin of wedding and engagement rings

“We made it through quarantine, why not get hitched?
– Scott Freeman


JIll and Scott Freeman. Photo by Jamie Kelter Davis.

  • 20:23 – Jill and Scott share their favorite custom stories including a customer with dragon earrings!
  • 24:50 – Scott gives us jewelry best care tips: Don’t sleep in it! Don’t shower in it! Don’t swim in it!
  • 27:00 – If you’re trapped in your ring, don’t go to an emergency room or fire department, but head to Scott at Bryn Mawr or another jeweler to cut the ring off in a way that it can be fixed and saved
  • 29:00 – Scott has seen Phish over 70 times! Tune in here for fun discussion on all things Phish
  • 34:53 – Jill and Scott share their own engagement story!
  • 39:50 – Laura and Heather close the episode with fun rapid fire questions for both Scott and Jill
Zoom Recording

This is how our podcast recordings look these days on Zoom!

“Everything’s going to be okay.”
– Scott Freeman

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