#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes from Episode 127 with Kristin Fogarty-Yi of Objekt Architecture

This week, we are joined by Kristin Fogarty-Yi of OBJEKT Architecture. OBJEKT Architecture is a full service, custom residential architecture and design firm creating beautiful, timeless, and livable homes from coast to coast. They specialize in residential architecture, kitchen & bath design, interiors, additions, renovations, new construction, historic renovations, and more. Kristin states, “Your home should be both beautiful and functional. You should never have to compromise the way you live because of poor design.” 

Kristin Fogarty-Yi, owner of OBJEKT Architecture

Kristin Fogarty-Yi, owner of OBJEKT Architecture

“I really love just learning from my clients what they really love and being able to take that to the next level for them and give them their dream home.” – Kristin Fogarty-Yi

Listen to Episode 127 with Kristin Fogarty-Yi!

Top podcast highlights:

1:59 – Kristin, our newest Chamber member, begins to talk about her background and how she got started in the industry.

4:12 – Learn about how Kristin began building her own firm. Kristin: “I really wanted to focus on my own business, and everything fell in line.” She runs the business herself but has great connections for other parts of her projects!

5:55 – Tune in to hear about some of the projects Kristin showcases on her Instagram page.

6:33 – We love our Andersonville area! Hear about how Kristin chose to be a part of our Chamber.

7:38 – Kristin talks about what it has been like adjusting her work flow with COVID-19 and becoming her own boss.

9:44 – Hear from a professional what the design process is like! Kristin:I like having that collaboration with the client because this is their home. This is their dream home. It’s where their families are going to grow up.”

14:40 – There’s no hiccup in the process that Kristin can’t handle. Tune in to hear this story!

17:41 – Does Kristin have a favorite project? We’ll find out!

21:55 – Hear some of Kristin’s styles and era of architecture she’s drawn to. Hint: she loves them all.

“The floor plans I design are about experience and how you use the space, and I think that’s my signature style.”

2. MA Front

24:00 – Recently, one of OBJEKT Architechture’s projects was featured in the Modular Home Builders Association as Home of the Month for January 2021 (read here). Hear Kristin talk about what the process was like and the response.

28:40 – Hear some tips on where to start with redesigning/designing a space.

30:20 – Kristin loves communicating with the contractors, other architects and designers she works with. Learn more about why she thinks it’s so important to be willing to listen and learn!

31:33 – Tune in to hear about Kristin’s love of travel and where she takes some of her design inspiration from.

37:49 – If you are an aspiring architect or designer, listen here for the one piece of advice this professional wished she might have known starting out.

40:18 – Hear about the hurdles of being a woman in a very male-dominated field.

44:46 – Tune in for rapid fire questions! Questions include: Cat or dog person? Would you consider yourself a foodie? Do you have a favorite dish? Do you have a favorite spot in Andersonville? What is your favorite travel destination? If you could design a home anywhere, where would it be? In your opinion, what is one staple design piece that can bring a room together?

Objekt Architecture

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