#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes from Episode 128 with Cheryl Sloane of Überlube

This week, Laura and Joelle are joined by Cheryl Sloane, Brand Manager of Überlube. Überlube, was a quest that began in 2002, and was created with sex in mind. Überlube is batched, tested, and bottled in a Chicago-area facility and currently only three people know the formula. Ultimately, when you use Überlube you are using a product that’s all about helping you feel and be your best, and its first job is to make you feel amazing. You can find Überlube locally in Andersonville at Early to Bed and Cowboys and Astronauts as well as online at uberlube.com


Uberlube is also sponsoring Hygge Fest 2021.

“When Überlube first came out, it was radically different from anything else on the market. It was so beautiful … It really changed the marketplace.”
-Cheryl Sloane

Listen to Episode 128 with Cheryl Sloane & Searah Deysach! 

Top podcast highlights (and where to find them by timestamps):

2:22 – Tune in here to hear Cheryl’s relationship with Andersonville. 

3:29 – Cheryl talks about her background in the industry. She worked at the first store, G-Boutique, who sold Überlube in stores! Read more here.

5:50 – Hear Searah Deysach, owner of Early to Bed, talk about her relationship with Überlube and thoughts on the product.

“It has definitely solidified itself in a certain place in the industry, and we sell tons of it, still, all these years later.”
– Searah Deysach

7:26 – Gear up to hear Cheryl’s story of going from selling in stores to becoming brand manager of Überlube!

8:38 – Cheryl talks about the owners of the company and the thought that went into the making of the product. They worked hard on not just the formula, but the packaging, as well. The pump is metered, it’s completely sealed, and it’s look is perfect to keep on your bedside table. It really is a classic family business!

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“It was designed with purpose.”
– Cheryl Sloane

10:30 – Still asking how Überlube is better? It’s not only great in the bedroom, but it’s also perfect for your hair, athletes who want to avoid chafing, plus rusty swing sets and tough door hinges!

14:19 – Hear how Überlube is planning on marketing for Valentine’s Day. Cheryl promotes staying home and enhancing the experience indoors.“Great lube makes great sex better sex.”

15:42 – Tune in to hear some stories of people who have bought Überlube and how to start the conversation on purchasing these products!

20:02 – Tune in here for Rapid Fire questions.  Questions include: Favorite ice breaker used with customers to get them comfortable talking about lube? What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? If you weren’t in your current job, what would you be doing instead? Do you have a dream travel destination? What signifies a strong brand to you? What do you look for?

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“If you can get Überlube into somebody’s hands, they’re gonna want it.”
– Cheryl Sloane

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35:00 – Please stick around to hear our Hygge Fest Roundup! Thank you to Überlube for sponsoring Hygge Fest 2021.