#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes from Episode 27 with Dr. Kapil Kella of Lakeshore Dental Studio

This week, Laura and Sara are joined by Dr. Kapil Kella, owner of Lakeshore Dental Studio, a modern dental office which offers a welcoming family friendly environment, leading-edge technology, and easy scheduling located at 5505 N Clark.


Dr. Kapil Kella records his episode in Studio C at Transistor.

“I want to give patients the care they deserve. Servicing our patients is our biggest goal.”
– Dr. Kapil Kella

Listen to Episode 27 with Dr. Kapil Kella!

Here are some references from Episode 27 that you may want to check out:

  • Kapil is from Michigan originally and went to the University of Michigan. He also completed dental school in Michigan, and then completed his residency in Chicago.
  • Kapil was only familiar with Hopleaf (5148 N Clark) before coming to Andersonville to explore the area as a destination for his practice. He wanted to find a place with a lot of community support.

“It was great to discover that there is more to Andersonville than Hopleaf and their great beer.”
– Dr. Kapil Kella

  • A patient can come into the office, spend some time relaxing with a cup of coffee pre-appointment, put on their favorite Netflix show, get their teeth checked, and spend some time getting to know the staff. Some of the most popular shows his patients put on as of late are Nailed It and Planet Earth.
3U5A5421_Lakeshore 1

Kapil poses near a patient room for our 2018-19 Neighborhood Guide photo shoot with one of the TV’s used to show Netlix during appointments.

  • Yes! You do still have to floss, says Kapil. Floss gets to places that brushing cannot.
  • Besides annual cleanings, Lakeshore Dental Studio also offers services to babies and toddlers in the form of parent education on early dental hygiene, root canals, implants, and cosmetic work.
  • Lakeshore Dental will work with patients on payment plans in order to make dental care more approachable.
  • Kapil recommends Colgate, but says most toothpastes are pretty good these days.
  • Kapil comes from a family of physicians, but wanted to “rebel” and go into business as his career. He later ended up switching paths to dentistry, but likes that it includes a business aspect. 
  • Lakeshore Dental Studio has been running Project Smile this summer, a campaign to give back to candidates in need of dental care who couldn’t normally afford the care. Edgeville Buzz recently wrote about this campaign, and you can watch the official campaign video here. The campaign has been extended until October 10, 2018.
  • Kapil’s family was present during the Lakeshore Dental Studio ribbon cutting back in March 2018. Family is extremely important to Kapil and his fiance Esha, especially since Kapil’s family immigrated from India.  

The official ribbon cutting celebration for Lakeshore Dental Studio in March 2018.

  • If given the chance to change places with a business for a day, Kapil would choose to trade places with trainers at Orange Shoe Personal Fitness (5609 N Clark). At the beginning of the episode, he mentions coming to the recording from a training session with Paul. Sara and Laura also mention stopping in at TrueNorth (5507 N Clark) and Big City Optical (5653 N Clark) while up in Andersonville’s North end.
3U5A5294_Lakeshore 4

The welcoming front lobby at Lakeshore Dental Studio.

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