This week, Laura and Sara are joined by Olin Eargle otherwise known as Mr. Andersonville. Olin, an @properties real estate agent is ranked as one of Chicago’s top brokers citywide and is celebrating 10 years this year. According to one testimonial, “he is a hustler and a veritable real estate surgeon.” Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, contact Olin at olinsellschicago.com for all of your real estate needs.


Olin Sells Chicago at Midsommarfest 2018 – Olin is on the left

“If you find a property that is 80 percent what you love, 10 percent what you can change over time, and 10 percent what you can live with, that becomes your perfect property.”

Here are some references from Episode 51 that you may want to check out:

  • Olin was born in South Carolina and lived in North Carolina from 8th grade to college graduation from Appalachian State. He holds a degree in Communications Advertising and a minor in theatrical arts. He moved to Chicago two weeks after graduation and now has been living here for almost fifteen years.
  • When he first moved to the city, Olin worked for HARPO—Oprah’s production company—as the executive assistant to the director of media and public relations. Everything media-related went through his boss and he was there for support at all times.
  • Because of his Carolina roots, he did have an accent. This is no longer thanks to his HARPO position. As someone taking direct calls and answering questions for clients he was asked to learn to speak more eloquently and pronounce things differently. He did, however, meet some amazing people and form some great relationships.


    Olin Sells Chicago at Midsommarfest 2018

  • Real Estate was a natural step after HARPO, as Olin had always had a passion for living spaces. As a kid he designed layouts with legos, he was a resident assistant in college, and his first job in college was as a leasing agent for an apartment complex. He had always enjoyed the work and was excited to get into it.
  • Olin has worked as a real estate broker for 10 years, and currently works at @properties, a real estate agency spread throughout the Midwest. Olin has been doing this for quite a while, and has found that the best advice he can give to anybody is to ask all of the questions they have on their minds.
  • Olin also suggests going through all of the steps of purchasing a house in the proper order: if you need a loan, contact your banker and make sure you have the money to make the purchase, then contact your broker. They will show you houses and help you find what you want where you want—this could be a week long process, or it could last three to four months. Your realtor will work with your mortgage lender, attorney, and inspector to make sure that everything runs smoothly. According to Olin, purchasing real estate is not as daunting as it turns out to be if you start at step one and go through each one in the correct way.
  • However, it is also wise going into this process with the mindset that no property will be 100% perfect. So, Olin suggests the 80-10-10 rule: if you find a property that is 80% what you love, 10% what you can change over time, and 10% what you can live with, that would be an ideal situation.
  • In order to ease the process Olin also has a master list of vendors he works with including  attorneys, mortgage lenders, inspectors, interior designers, and others on a frequent basis.
  • Another way to ease the homebuying process is to interview an agent before you agree to work with them. Asking questions like how long they have been in the business and how much they have sold in the past year could lend good insight into who they are and whether or not they have the motivation to help you find your dream home.


    The Mr. Andersonville team

  • Olin—a long-time resident of Andersonville—describes it as a charming corridor with a small-town feel.
  • Olin also performs with The Cabaret Project as a form of artistic outlet. He and a few others started the band the Feathered Beaus in 2018 as a sort of cabaret and burlesque fusion. They have performed in Missouri, Wisconsin, and are travelling down to Mexico soon. Locally they’ve performed at the Drake Hotel, the former Green Dolphin, and in Mary’s Attic. They also do private shows.
  • If he were not working in real estate, Olin would definitely want to perform on Broadway. His dream role is Mark in RENT.
  • If Olin could swap with any Andersonville business for a day, he would choose either the Swedish American Museum (5211 N Clark)—Karin’s team is excellent and, seeing as he got married there, he would love to be part of someone else’s big day—or The Wooden Spoon (5047 N Clark) because he loves to cook and it would be a fun and interesting experience.

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