Today we are joined by Rabbi Levi Notik of Chabad Uptown. Guided by the idea that there should be a place whose doors are open to persons of all backgrounds and affiliations, Chabad employs an open approach to Jewish community life. There is no membership, allowing participants to partake in whatever programs and services suit their individual or family needs. Offers educational and social events for Jewish families and young professionals in the Uptown neighborhood, you can find them at 1109 W. Lawrence Avenue.


Rabbi Notik met with Joelle and Laura at Transistor

“I grew up in a long line of Rabbis… and all I ever wanted to do was be a Rabbi. We have dedicated our lives to helping others in any way we possibly can.” – Rabbi Notik

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  • Rabbi Levi Notik is one in a large rabbinic family line going back several generations. All he ever wanted to was be a rabbi, to dedicate his life to helping others in any way he possibly can.
  • There was a need for the Jewish community in and around Uptown to have a place to come celebrate and experience Jewish life and culture. Rabbi Notik turned to his friend Alex Milovich, who agreed to share his resources, space, and time with the Chabad.
  • The Chabad opened on Lawrence Ave three years ago. The focus since its opening have been serving their ever-growing community with an emphasis on adult education and holiday celebrations. Much of the education is done in one-on-one sessions, where Rabbi Notik spreads what he calls “timeless wisdom for modern living.”


    The 2018 Purim Celebration

  • Many of the programs at the Chabad of Uptown are centered around celebration of Jewish life—like the Andersonville Hanukkah pop-up—and education through classes, lectures, and services. They also design their events so people of all ages have something to do or a way to participate, children through seniors.
  • The Chabad also hosts a Thursday night seminar on Jewish topics and how they apply to the modern day. Topics covered include: positive thinking, happiness, and how we view dreams.
  • While on the job, Rabbi Notik meets a variety of interesting people. He enjoys this very much, and often meets with them to share knowledge and wisdom from the Torah.

    “We look to the Torah as a guide with messages and inspirations on how to maximize on our life in today’s day and age”

    The Chabad of Uptown is not a membership organization—anyone is welcome to come to enjoy, learn about the Jewish faith, and grow personally and in their relationships. Rabbi Notik welcomes people to call or message the Chabad at any time, he meets people frequently and enjoys discussing his faith with others. He also often wants to leave people with a desire to learn more about happiness and meaning and the roles that those play in our lives.

  • When he is not working, Rabbi Notik enjoys chess and reading. He also has nine kids!
  • Want to get involved? Chabad Uptown is hosting a Grand Purim Party on Wednesday, March 20. The theme is black and white masquerade and there will be hor d’oeuvres, soup, toasts, and a special performance. They will be reading the scroll of the book of Esther (the Migillah) and sharing gifts with the poor. To learn more about Purim, click here.

    “Happiness is learned, meaning is learned; if there is one message it’s spend your time wisely and try to learn new things everyday.”

  • If Rabbi Notik could swap with any Andersonville business for a day, he would be happy working at any one of the five coffee shops in the Andersonville neighborhood.

Visit Chabad of Uptown on the following platforms:
Online: uptownjew.com
Facebook: facebook.com/UptownJew/