#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – SHOW NOTES FROM EPISODE 54 with Celia Bucci of Prevent Chronic Pain

Today we are joined by Celia Bucci, Board Certified massage therapist and owner of Prevent Chronic Pain. Massage therapy can reduce symptoms, improve daily activity, and help prevent aches, pains and stress from becoming chronic. Celia provides massage therapy for relaxation, stress relief, and rehab following injury, surgery and more at 5115 N. Ravenswood.


Celia Bucci (right) recording the podcast with Sara (left)

“I think people get into the field often in the same way that I did–they want a change in the culture in their work environment, they want independence, they want more freedom in their work.” – Celia Bucci

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  • Celia has lived in Chicago for the majority of her life, but discovered a completely different way of life when visiting the Caribbean. Life there is much slower than it is here, especially compared to her previous job, which was in the arts. People talk to each other more and don’t tend towards a hectic schedule.
  • So, when Celia returned she started looking for a career change that would slow the pace of her life. She chose to become a massage therapist and signed up for the class that would start the soonest and fit with her current work schedule the best. This move that almost seemed like divine intervention, as she ended up in a Clinical course that taught her how to reason and most effectively treat her patients.


    Prevent Chronic Pain at the Andersonville Service Business Fair in 2019

  • After earning her certification, she worked in several different places. However, clinical reasoning takes a lot of time, conversation with, and dedication to a patient. Not being able to find this at any of her previous jobs, Celia decided to start her own business
  • For anyone that has never received a massage before, Celia recommends double checking people’s certifications on Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation website. This indicates that they are a properly trained professional that has passed a licensure exam and will be able to tell if massage will be beneficial for you.
  • Celia’s business is mainly referral-based. She does not get a lot of appointments from her website, but that is okay because she prefers discussing pain issues with prospective patients over the phone before she has anybody come in. If they do come in for, say, chronic headaches, Celia will ask for their medical records and have them fill out a questionnaire about their medical history.
  • If they decide massage is a good treatment for chronic headache or other ailments, they make an appointment. Celia describes what she is going to do and how that will result in alleviation of the pain. When massaging a patient, she has the person tell her when their pain gets to a 5 on a scale of 1-10. Once the pain hits about a five the nervous system starts to engage and she’s fighting the patient instead of helping them.

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    Celia as the Spotlight Speaker for Third Thursday in October 2018

  • Post-massage she asks how they are feeling and they work on a plan for long-term treatment if necessary.
  • Although we live in a very touch-averse culture, Ceilia—along with several researchers—believes that touch can vastly improve day-to-day living for a variety of conditions, including pain relief for cancer patients.
  • Most people carry stress in their neck and shoulders; however, recently she has had an uptick in appointments concerning pain in the hips, knees, and ankles. Celia believes this is due to difference in winter gait.
  • Celia does not have a favorite muscle group, she just enjoys the challenge of someone coming to her with a problem and being able to solve it with them.
  • Here’s a free self-care tip from Celia: simple intervention now can prevent a larger problem later. Stretching, doing easy yoga, and taking care of smaller pains early can decrease the risk of chronic pain.
  • Though Celia is a small business owner along with being a health care practitioner, she doesn’t really think about her work in that way. She is just excited to help people solve their problems with her knowledge and abilities. She added a website because word of mouth now involves checking of credentials online, but she has met a lot of people in the Andersonville area that have referred people to her business and businesses to refer others to if she is unable to help.


    Celia as the Spotlight Speaker for Third Thursday in October 2018

  • People often get into the field because they crave a change in workplace culture and overall environment like Celia did. Another reason may be is that people have had injuries themselves and massage therapy helped them and they want to give it to others as well.
  • Celia was formerly a coordinator for a massage therapy school. She had created a class at the school to help people develop the clinical reasoning skills that have been so helpful to her practice. She met with a sales rep for the publishing company to discuss textbooks and was asked if she thought there were things missing from the literature—Celia thought so. So, she wrote a book titled Condition-Specific Massage Therapy.
  • If Celia could swap with any Andersonville business for a day she would swap with a farmer at the Andersonville Farmers Market or Women and Children First (5233 N Clark).

Thank you Celia for joining us today and thank you for listening to AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast. For more information about Celia please visit preventchronicpain.com. Show notes on today’s episode can be found at andersonville.org.

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