This week, Laura and Sara are joined by Dr. Shayna Mancuso and Mark Raymond from The Clark. The Clark is a primary care medical practice operated by nearby Swedish Covenant Health that redefines the patient experience and is designed to make patients feel cared for every step of the journey. Located in the former Swedish Bakery building, you can check out their spa like exam rooms and comfortable waiting lounge at 5346 N Clark.

The Clark is sponsoring Andersonville Midsommarfest’s North Stage this weekend (June 7-9)! They are the first in a series of 4 episodes released this week leading up to the fest kickoff this Friday.


The front facade of The Clark, located at 5346 N Clark. Photo by Anjali Pinto as shot for the 2019-20 Andersonville Neighborhood Guide.

“The community feel that you get when you come to Andersonville is also really apparent when you walk into The Clark. We want people to feel like they are family and that you’re coming into someone’s home.”
– Mark Raymond

Listen to Episode 63.1 with Mark and Dr. Mancuso!

Here are some references from Episode 63.1 you may want to check out:

  • Mark is a resident of Andersonville and has lived in the neighborhood for 22 years. His background is in design and was approached by Swedish Covenant Health about providing high level customer service for the new facility.
  • Dr. Shayna Mancuso was born and raised in Las Vegas and did much of her schooling in California. Her residency was back in Las Vegas, but she moved to Chicago about 16 years ago. She has three daughters and two English bulldogs!
  • The Clark offers a unique model of care. The CEO of Swedish Covenant Health wanted to do something very different and wonderful for patients which is reflected in their beautiful and uniquely design front lobby.

The front lobby of The Clark. Photo by Anjali Pinto.

  • Each member of the staff has been handpicked and is highly trained. It’s not just a “pretty face” (when referring to the office aesthetic) at The Clark. All of the doctors have a passion for integrative medicine and the whole-body approach. Welcome to feeling cared for.
  • Dr. Mancuso came to The Clark from Lake Forest and Northwestern’s Prentice Hospital. She came back to Swedish Covenant Health because she loves the Swedish family and group.
  • Mark loves the diversity in this neighborhood; he’s seen the neighborhood evolve and change over his 20 years here. Mark was surprised to learn about the actual “White Coat Syndrome” and the fear that many patients experience when visiting their doctor.
  • Dr. Mancuso specializes in OB/GYN and women’s health care. Named the Medical Director early on in the process, Dr. Mancuso was excited to be a part of the design of the facility from the ground up. She loved taking her girls into George’s Ice Cream & Sweets (5306 N Clark) and eating locally while the clinic construction was underway.

The split view between a private consultation room and a patient room at The Clark. Photo by Anjali Pinto.

  • Mark has worked in the service industry for many years, and was super excited to come into the entire design process pre-construction. He was responsible for helping pick tiling, colors, lighting fixtures and more. His goal is to make patients so comfortable,  “that you forget that you’re even at the doctor’s office.” The rooms themselves are also designed in a way to promote calm. Mark also encourages visitors to come in and look at the space and hang out in the lobby, even if they aren’t scheduled for an appointment. He’s particularly excited about the French windows that give open-air access during warmer months.
The Clark Staff

The team of doctors at The Clark.

  • Dr. Mancuso speaks about the Board-certified physicians at The Clark. Each doctor provides STD screening and PrEP as well as their specified field of care. She then walks us through each doctor and their specialty. Learn more about the entire team here.
  • Integrative and functional medicine is an important way to look at disease. Doctors with this background are trained to look at the entire body and really get to the root, or microbiology, of the issue. The doctors at The Clark are equipped to see patients for any reason, whether it’s an annual exam or for an illness or specialty.
  • The Clark takes most all commercial insurance plans as well as medicare. The cost for the patient is the same cost you would pay at any other doctor’s office.
  • If given the chance to switch places with another Andersonville business for the day, Mark would choose Cas Hardware (5305 N Clark) because they are one of the oldest, long standing businesses in the neighborhood. He loves that the same couple has been running the business for the last 40 years.
  • Dr. Mancuso felt like she’d want to switch with either Octavio Cantina & Kitchen (5310 N Clark) because she loves Mexican food or George’s Ice Cream & Sweets because she’d love to work somewhere where people are excited to visit every day and used to want to be an ice cream scooper as a child. Mark wanted to originally be a veterinarian!

Another view of The Clark lobby. Photo by Anjali Pinto.

 “I was so thrilled when I first heard about approaching patient care this way…I jumped at a chance to be a part of this.”
– Dr. Shayna Mancuso

Visit The Clark on the following platforms:
Online: theclarkmed.com
Facebook: facebook.com/theclarkmed
Instagram: @theclarkmed
Twitter: @theclarkmed