In this special Midsommarfest episode, Laura and Joelle are joined by Juan and Susy Lucero of the incredible modern mariachi band, Cielito Lindo. Cielito Lindo is comprised of the Lucero family of nine, with children ages ranging from 6 to 16. They have performed all over the city of Chicago and the Midwest.

You can catch them at Summerdale Stage at Andersonville Midsommarfest on Sunday, June 9 at 2PM! They are the third in a series of 4 episodes released this week leading up to the fest kickoff this Friday.


The Lucero Family singing and recording this episode in the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce offices.

“The idea to start a family band was always a fun idea in my head even before I had children. I figured at some point I would have kids and I would love to teach them music.”
– Juan Lucero

Listen to Episode 63.3 with the Lucero Family!

Here are some references from Episode 63.3 that you may want to check out:

  • Also joining the podcast this week is Lilia Lucero, 11 years old, and Carlos Lucero, who is 12 years old.
  • The Lucero’s starting playing music in their home state of New Mexico, where all the children were born. In 2015, the family moved to Chicago and continue to put a spin on modern Mexican music. What drew the Lucero’s to Chicago was the diversity, the opportunity for advancement in the arts, education opportunities, as well as previous living experience (Susy is originally from Chicago).
  • The idea of starting a family band was in Juan’s head before he even had kids. His oldest boys where 4 and 3 when they first performed together, and the band has evolved ever since.

The Lucero Family performs at Millennium Park’s Pritzker Pavilion.

  • Susy’s most memorable performances are a Millenium Park performance and the Wreathing of the Lions at the Chicago Art Institute. At Millenium Park she loved having the whole family on stage for a crowd of 20,000 on Chicago’s front yard. As for the Chicago Art Institute, she used to visit there with her father and was honored her family had the opportunity to perform there.
  • Carlos’ favorite performances have been for the Chicago Bulls, due to the fact so many people where there (a larger crowd than for Bruno Mars!). It’s also there Carlos entered a competition where he performed “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. View the news clip on her performance here.
  • The band is made of all nine members of the Lucero Family: Susy, the mother;  Juan, the father, who plays guitar and sings; Diego plays guitarrón and sings; Miguel plays trumpet and sings; Antonio plays vihuela guitar and sings; Carlos plays vihuela guitar and sings; Lilia plays violin, percussion, sings, and dances; Maya sings, dances and plays maracas; and lastly Mateo sings and plays maracas as well.
  • Other creative things the family’s into are photography, graphic design, electronic music production, sports, biking, and exploring neighborhoods.
  • The Lucero kids were homeschooled for 10 years, and a big focus of that was the arts.
  • When performing for audiences at schools and museums, they make the show more like an interactive workshop: letting the kids come up and play maracas and dance with streamers, as well as speaking into the microphone and trying instruments.
  • Performing together as a family helps the Lucero’s put aside differences and arguments, as they have to work together in order to create music. Performing as a family also allows for great experiences that might otherwise be impossible for a family of their size, allowing them to build great memories.
  • If able to trade places with an Andersonville business for a day, Carlos would swap with George’s Ice Cream (5306 N Clark) or the Candyality (5225 N Clark) because they both have delicious treats. Susy would swap with Andersonville Galleria (5247 N Clark),  as there are so many different local artists there, or Crossroads (5127 N Clark) to be surrounded by clothes. Lilia would swap with Uptown Animal Hospital (5545 N Clark)  in order to help animals in need. Juan would swap with AlleyCat Comics (5304 N Clark) because of  his love for comics or serve as waiter at Svea Restaurant (5236 N Clark) for the day. 

Photo courtesy of Lucero Family.

“I like it when I’m performing and then I see everyone smile. It’s just nice to know we’ve made someone’s day.”
– Carlos Lucero

Find Cielito Lindo on the following platforms:
Online: cielitolindo.co
Facebook: facebook.com/CielitoLindoFamily
Instagram: @cielitolindofamily
Twitter: @cielitolindofam
YouTube: Cielito Lindo Family Music