#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show notes from Episode 70 with Richard Price of Alamo Shoes

This week, Laura and Sara are joined by Richard Price of Alamo Shoes. Alamo Shoes has been providing a sole-ful experience to shoe shoppers since 1971. Their wide selection of shoes for the whole family combined with their dedicated sales staff ensure that everyone will leave happy with a great pair of comfortable footwear. Located at 5321 N Clark, be sure to take advantage of their free parking in the lot across the street. 

And don’t miss Alamo’s super bowl of sales this weekend during the annual Andersonville Sidewalk Sale starting on Thursday, July 25. 


(from left) Laura Austin, Sara Dinges, Andy Miles, and Richard Price record this week’s episode in the back stock room of Alamo Shoes.

“I have two homes: I have my house I live in, and I have Alamo Shoes”
– Richard Price


Listen to Episode 70 with Richard Price!

Here are some references from Episode 70 that you may want to check out:

  • Richard practically grew up in a shoe store, and his parents owned multiple shops around Chicago before opening Alamo Shoes in 1971.
  • One of the benefits of being a family owned store is that he gets to see his family nearly 24/7, which is something most people aren’t able to do. It also brings more passion and heart into the business.
  • Richard’s maternal grandfather opened a shoe store when he came to the United States from Poland. His father had already been working at shoe stores before his mother, so shoes seemed to already be part of the family.
IMG_2558 (1)

The exterior of Alamo Shoes with the new sign, swapped in September 2018.

  • When Richard’s parents tried to buy the building that Alamo Shoes is in now, the realtor wouldn’t accept their offer. Instead of looking elsewhere his mom called the owner directly and was able to get the building.
  • Alamo Shoes recently went through a renovation, but it’s not the first big renovation the building has had. In the mid 80s, they doubled the size of their business. The newest renovation, however, was motivated by pride. They wanted it to provide a better shopping experience and to be truly proud of their space.

The interior sales floor of Alamo Shoes.

  • When it comes to keeping up with trends, Richard explains the first thing he notices about someone is their shoes, and that he’s always listening and watching for what people want. He even visits other shoe stores while on vacation to fully understand what people are looking for.

An employee pulls shoe sizes for a customer during our interview.

  • The most popular type of shoe sold at Alamo are comfortable, versatile shoes that you’ll find yourself wearing 97% of the time. To achieve that they have plenty of different brands, sizes, and widths to make sure everyone gets the perfect fit. See their selection here.
  • Richard explains that because online shopping is so prevalent, people can end up buying the wrong size of shoe. If your foot is wider than average, you might go up a half size to compensate, which throws off the rest of the fit.
  • Although it may be old school, going into a store to get your foot measured is the best way to get a pair of shoes that fit properly, which will lead to greater comfort.

Alamo Shoes set up for Summer Sidewalk Sale in 2016.

  • The Andersonville Summer Sidewalk Sale is Alamo Shoes’ biggest event of the year, so they truly focus on value. The men’s shoe sale will have great brands at 3 pairs for $95 this weekend. Women’s racks will be $35 for the first pair, $30 for the second, and $25 for the third. Kids shoes will be $15 for one pair or 2 pairs for $25. 
  • Alamo’s sale hours are Thursday (7/25) and Friday (7/26) 9AM-8PM, Saturday (7/27) 9AM-6PM, and Sunday (7/28) 10AM-6PM.
  • If Richard could chose one Andersonville business to trade places with it would have been Augie’s, a former Andersonville restaurant with cheap, delicious food that closed back in 2007.

Shoe back stock in Alamo’s back room.

Visit Alamo Shoes on the following platforms:

Online: alamoshoes.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AlamoShoes

This week’s episode is sponsored by locally-owned Pearle Vision on Clark & Lawrence at 4818 N Clark.