Always Andersonville



Named the ‘local’ capital of Chicago, Andersonville has always been a fantastic holiday shopping and dining destination. This season, we are excited to have launched the #AlwaysAndersonville campaign, blending the support of local businesses with unique Andersonville experiences.

Discover why residents, shoppers, and visitors choose Andersonville to shop, dine, live, and thrive year-round. #AlwaysAndersonville means that in a world of online shopping and Amazon takeovers, you are committing to choose differently; to shop small, shop local, and to support your community. Will you take the pledge?





The #AlwaysAndersonville Shop Local Passport is here! This is a FREE booklet featuring over 50 of our local businesses, and it is available to pick up at shops around the neighborhood and at the Chamber Offices (5153 N. Clark, #204). Use it to track your local spending this holiday season – participants in the #AlwaysAndersonville passport will be eligible to win prizes!


1. Between November 25 – December 31, 2017 purchase locally at 10 or more of the locations listed inside. Be sure to have each business sign-off on your visit and purchase.

2. At the end of the Holiday Season, mail or drop off your filled in passport to the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce at: 5153 N. Clark Street, #204 |
Chicago, IL 60640. Passports are due by January 10, 2018.

3. Once we receive your passport, you will automatically be entered to win
prizes, including one Grand Prize winner for the Andersonville Experience 2018, which includes tickets and special perks for ALL of our 2018 events!



We are proud to partner with Senn High School students of SennTV in the production of our first #AlwaysAndersonville campaign video which will share the stories of Andersonville business owners, employees, residents, visitors, and all-around Andersonville fans.

Holiday 2017 Pledges To Date


Joelle Scillia
Hallie Borden
Angie Ashlaw
Hope R.
Danny Drees
Kelly Duffy
Renae Jacob
Sarah P.
Jennifer Grant (Ranallis)
Cecelia Burokas
Sean Sheridan – The Wooden Spoon
Jen Walling
Nadeen Kieren
Katherine Ginensky
Jenny Seidelman
Searah Deysach
r leshtz
Joe Carlson
Patty Riedl
Bill Hynes
Jon Grondahl
L Giampino & C Halloran
Michele Breeze
Ally Brisbin
Sheila Sheridan
Candy V
Giselle Laborde
Joanna Miner
Taylor Heideman
April Whitworth
Carol DePaul
Celia @
Mat and Randy
Don Cortelyou
Sara Dinges
Peter Dinges
Karin Moen Abercrombie
Barbara Laing/Painted Light
Giorie & Justin
Jenny G
Anna Todaro
Dennis Hensley
Ellen Shepard
Tracy S.
Clyde E.
Matt Leonard
Cason Moore
Julie Kay Nelson
Nina Newhouser
Lynne L.
Anne Wagner
Blu 57
Paul Fehribach
Steven Pryor
Hannah Johnson
Missy Frazin
Chicago Dance Supply
Andersonville Insurance
Karyn Carlton







Whether this is your first – or fiftieth – holiday season coming to Andersonville, #AlwaysAndersonville is for you, and we cannot wait to discover your #AlwaysAndersonville stories.