Andersonville Businesses Team Up To Offer Election Day Specials

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Andersonville businesses are banding together around Election Day on November 6. Organized by Hallie Borden, owner of  Milk Handmade, not only are these businesses encouraging you to VOTE in the midterm election, but they are offering incentives to vote with your dollar as well.

A message from campaign organizer, Hallie Borden:

“Did you know it’s illegal for businesses to offer a discount or freebie for voting? Well, it’s also illegal to suppress voting rights, fire someone because of their gender identity, and grab women by the you know what… so…

We hope you vote on November 6th. We sure will. And there’s another kind of voting that we hope you remember to do all year round — the kind where you vote with your dollar. Where you choose not to support corporations owned by people lobbying against humanity and the planet. Where you seek out businesses who do good in their communities, support fair wages, and try their hardest to be friends to the environment. Where you funnel money into your neighborhood economy, not into the pockets of shareholders.

We are teaming up with other businesses in the Andersonville neighborhood to offer discounts and freebies on Election Day. Go vote on November 6th. Then go support the businesses who are trying to make this world a little better. We can’t legally require you to vote before taking advantage of these offers. But we can tell you this: anyone who doesn’t vote gets a free eye roll with purchase.

Your vote counts. Your voice counts. Your money counts. On November 6th, let’s turn this ship in the right direction.”

Participating Businesses and their personal VOTE messages: 

Andersonville Cryotherapy and Athletic Recovery Center
Show your “I Voted” wristband on Tuesday November 6 and get a whole body cryotherapy session for just $30. Book now at 773.944.5050 or online at

Visit shop for details

Chicago Magic Lounge
Grab a few friends and celebrate democracy by getting out to vote! Afterward, treat yourself to cocktails, live jazz, and misdirection. Use the code “iVoted” at checkout to receive 50% off admission to the Tuesday, November 6 performance of Music & Magic.

For everything you need to vote, including information about early voting and where to find your polling place on Election Day, go to

Early to Bed
Visit shop for details

We are proud to be teaming up with other local Andersonville businesses to encourage everyone to get out and exercise their rights. Through Election Day, stop by any Foursided location and pick up a free “An Actual Person 2020” button! Our way of celebrating all of you getting out there and making a difference in this crazy world

Foyer Shop
Visit shop for details

George’s Ice Cream and Sweets

Georges Ice Cream spells voteVisit shop for details

Jameson Loves Danger
10% OFF ALL MERCHANDISE ON VOTING DAY, NOV. 6! (grooming services not included) Are you registered to vote on Tuesday? A lot of folks let midterm elections slide by, but this is a chance to get your voice heard.

Lady Gregory’s – Andersonville
Come celebrate our democracy with us on Tuesday night. Your first drink is on us! Please Vote!!!

Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things
We are celebrating voting with a group of fabulous Andersonville businesses. The physical shop will be closed Tuesday November 6 but we are offering 10% off all online orders (shipping and pick up) with the code VOTE.

Milk Handmade
Milk will be giving away a free candle with any purchase on Tuesday. Over the next few days, we’ll be posting offers from our neighbors in our Instagram stories, so keep your eyes peeled

Murray & White
Visit shop for details

Norcross and Scott
Don’t let your indignation smoulder. VOTE. We enthusiastically join our Andersonville business neighbors in a large scale effort to persuade, cajole, tempt, coax, (coerce?!) you to get out and vote. Come see us on November 6 and tell us your stories from the voting line. The first 20 people with a voting sticker will receive our thanks in the form of a @tatineofficial candle. Not too shabby.

Octavio Cantina & Kitchen
Join us to watch the election results on Tuesday. To celebrate our democracy your first Marg is on us!!! Please Vote!

Replay Beer & Bourbon-Andersonville
This Tuesday, get out and VOTE! Our future is in your hands, so don’t forget to flex your constitutional right to make a difference, and afterwards, come to Replay and get 20% off your entree with your “I Voted” wristband while you watch the results roll in!

Vincent Restaurant
25% Off Dinner & Drinks
Tuesday, November 6
(same day as election day!)

Women & Children First Bookstore
We are proud to be teaming up with other Andersonville businesses to offer discounts and freebies on Election Day. Go vote on November 6! Then go support the businesses who are trying to make this world a little better. Here at Women & Children First, we’ll be offering 15% off all in-store purchases!*
*discount excludes gift cards and special orders*

The Wooden Spoon
Tuesday is Election Day! You can vote early or vote on Nov 6 – JUST VOTE! Show us your “I Voted” wristband or just mention that you voted & you’ll receive 10% off non-sale store merch on Tuesday!