Andersonville Galleria Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary!

Congratulations to the Andersonville Galleria on 10 years in Andersonville! The Andersonville Galleria currently stocks 103 vendors with 12 that have been stationed their since day one. The Andersonville Galleria staff would say the best thing about their business is that they not only support local and handmade, but they are an incubator for artists to transition their artistic visions into viable small business. The Galleria is a firsthand experience to see how shopping local and shopping small really does make a difference, not only to the artist but to the community.
Every purchase at the Andersonville Galleria means something to the Artists’ business. By promoting handmade and local, shoppers get to know the stories and understand the soul behind the items. Being part of a community of artists is a fun opportunity to share ideas, feel the support of like-minded people, and to grow together as vendors grow individually.
10 years of the Andersonville Galleria’s successful business model tells the story that not only it is viable, but it is an important avenue for the artist and artisan community of Chicago.
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