Best of Chicago Reader Nominations


How exciting that some of our local Andersonville businesses have been nominated to win a Best of Chicago award?!

Below are the categories and nominations

Best Bang for your BuckTaste of Lebanon
Vote here for Taste of Lebanon

Little Bad Wolf Burger

Little Bad Wolf Burger

Best Beer Bar- Hopleaf
Vote here for Hopleaf

Best Burger- Little Bad Wolf
Vote here for Little Bad Wolf

Best Cheesemonger- Stamper Cheese (vendor at the Andersonville Farmers Market) and Pastoral Artisan Cheese
Vote here for Stamper Cheese or Pastoral

Best Coffee Roaster- La Colombe
Vote here for La Colombe

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Best Falafel- Middle Eastern Bakery & Grocery and Taste of Lebanon
Vote here for Middle East Bakery & Grocery or Taste of Lebanon

Best Farmers Market- Andersonville
Vote here for Andersonville’s Farmers Market

Best Hot Dog- Hot “G” Dog
Vote here for Hot “G” Dog

Best Ice Cream- George’s Ice Cream
Vote here for George’s

Best Local Distillery- KOVAL Distillery
Vote here for KOVAL

Gray Farms

Gray Farms

Best Farmer- Gray Farms (vendor at our Farmers Market)
Vote here for Gray Farms

Best Local Spirit- KOVAL Distillery Susan for President
Vote here for KOVAL

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant- Taste of Lebanon & Reza’s
Vote here for Taste of Lebanon or Reza’s

Best Neighborhood Restaurant- Vincent
Vote here for Vincent

Best Soup- Taste of Lebanon
Vote here for Taste of Lebanon

Ora Sushi

Ora Sushi

Best Sushi- Ora
Vote here for Ora

Best Wine Shop- In Fine Spirits
Vote here for In Fine Spirits

Best Book Store- Women & Children First
Vote here for Women & Children First

Best Boutique for Women- Milk Handmade
Vote here for Milk

Best Card & Stationary Store- Foursided Card + Gift
Vote here for Foursided

Alleycat Comics

Alleycat Comics

Best Comic Shop- Alleycat Comics
Vote here for Alleycat

Best Doggie Day Care- Urban Pooch Training & Fitness and Urban Pooch Canine Life Center
Vote here for Urban Pooch

Best Garden Store- Gethsemane Garden Center
Vote here for Gethsemane

Best Hotel- The Guesthouse Hotel
Vote here for The Guesthouse

Best Indie Crafter- Michelle Starbuck Designs (available at Milk Handmade)
Vote here for Michelle Starbuck Designs

Best Medical Marijuanna Dispensary- Dispensary 33
Vote here for Dispensary 33

Best Pet Store- Jameson Loves Danger and Urban Pooch
Vote here for Best Pet Store

Andersonville Galleria

Andersonville Galleria

Best Place to Buy Local Goods- Andersonville Galleria
Vote here for Andersonville Galleria

Best Resale Shop- Crossroads Trading Co. and Brown Elephant
Vote here for Best Resale Shop

Best Sex Toy Shop- Early to Bed
Vote here for Early to Bed

Best Shoe Store- Alamo Shoes
Vote here for Alamo

Best Long-Running Play- That’s Weird Grandma: Barrel of Monkeys or Too Much Light: Neo-futurists
Vote here for Best Long-Running Play

Best Novelist- Michael Coorlim
Vote here for Michael Coolim

Best Venue for Standup- The pH Comedy Theater
Vote here for pH Comedy

Best Alderman- Harry Osterman 48th Ward or Ameya Pawar 47th Ward
Vote here for Best Alderman

Best Overall Neighborhood- Andersonville
Vote here for Andersonville

Best Overall Radio Station- CHIRP
Vote here for CHIRP

Best Radio DJ- Nicole Oppenheim/ Ear Cany on CHIRP
Vote here for Nicole Oppenheim/Ear Cany

Puppet Bike

Puppet Bike

Best Street- Clark Street
Vote here for Clark Street

Best Street Character- Puppet Bike
Vote here for Puppet Bike

Best Barcade- Replay Andersonville
Vote here for Replay

Best Musical Group- Allegrezza
Vote here for Allegrezza

Best Dive Bar- Simon’s Tavern
Vote here for Simon’s

Best Gay Bar- The SoFo Tap
Vote here for SoFo Tao

Best Jukebox- Simon’s Tavern
Vote here for Simon’s

Best Local Music Blog- CHIRP Radio

Simon's Tavern

Simon’s Tavern

Vote here for CHIRP

Best Local Music Podcast- CHIRP Radio
Vote here for CHIRP