#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Notes from Episode 18 with Terese Lang McDonald of Candyality

In this week’s episode we are joined by Terese Lang McDonald, owner of Candyality located at 5225 N Clark.  Candyality carries thousands of bulk items and sweet treats including gummies, sours, taffy, and more. If you want to view paradise, close your eyes, make a wish and enter into a world of pure imagination. Just look for the sweet corner candy shop next to the blue Dala horse in Andersonville.

Terese in Studio C at Transistor.

Terese in Studio C at Transistor.

“I had my eye on Andersonville almost from the beginning”
– Terese Lang McDonald

Listen to Episode 18 with Terese Lang McDonald!

Here are some references from Episode 18 that you may want to check out:

  • Candyality has locations in the Southport Corridor, Water Tower Place and Andersonville.  She chose Andersonville because she lives close and it is such a vibrant neighborhood and filled with small independent businesses. Check out all locations here.  
  • Originally, Terese was in politics working for Terry Thompson, but then she went into the beauty industry.  When she left the industry she was the vice-president for Yves Saint Laurent.  
  • Terese created a module about candy personalities for a sales training ice breaker and it went over really well. She and her team were asked to go overseas and teach the candy personality module. Terese had originally planned to open a beauty apothecary shop but opened Candyality instead. Candy + personality= Candyality. The name is actually Trademarked.
Terese and her staff show off candy offerings at Candyality.

Terese and her staff show off candy offerings at Candyality.

“People that didn’t like each other became best friends over a piece of candy”
– Terese Lang McDonalad

  • Terese serves as president for the SSA 27 for her Southport location in Lakeview and she hopes that she can serve the community well.
  • Candyality just celebrated National Candy Month this past June and Terese and her staff attend the Sweets & Snacks Expo here in Chicago at the end of each May to learn about new candy offerings.
  • When shoppers pick out candy at Candyality, the staff will look at each bag and offer a candy “personality” or Candyality reading based on each shopper’s selection upon checkout! We have some fun with Terese doing live candy personalities on air in this episode.  
  • The most popular candies in Andersonville are of course Swedish Fish, sour belts, milk chocolate pretzel twist, malted milk balls and english toffee slab.
  • Terese watches Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory almost every day in one of her stores and still loves it.
  • Candyality has just started offering Mochi, a very popular item in the summer. Mochi is a Japanese ice cream ball encased in a sweet rice dough.
  • Terese made a Skittles wrapper dress for one of the malls downtown.  The next year she approached Wrigley Gum and asked if they would sponsor them to do a series of dresses that would tell their brand story. See the Candy dresses in person at the shop!
  • Candyality is participating in Taste of Andersonville this year on Wednesday, August 15 from 6-9PM, as well as sponsoring the first Candy 5K here in Chicago. The race takes place on September 22 at 8AM in Lincoln Park and benefits Girl Forward.
  • If given the chance to trade places with another business owners, Terese would trade with Rick Verkler, the General Manager of The Guesthouse Hotel (4872 N Clark).
Terese poses with the "timeless" candies available at the shop, including the Necco Wafers she mentions in the episode!

Terese poses with the “timeless” candies available at the shop, including the Necco Wafers she mentions in the episode!

Visit Candyality on the following platforms:
Online: candyality.com 
Facebook: facebook.com/CandyalityChicago
Instagram: @candyality
Twitter: @candyality

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Notes from Episode 17 with Bob Goins from Classes on Clark

This week, Laura and Sara are joined by Bob Goins, owner of Classes on Clark.  Bob teaches guitar to people of all ages, and is currently located in the beautiful space above Brimfield at 5219 N. Clark. During this episode, Bob even plays a lovely rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” to demonstrate fingerstyle guitar for our listeners!


Bob Goins upstairs in Brimfield where he teaches for Classes on Clark.

“I knew how good [playing the guitar] made me feel and I wanted others to feel that good too.”
– Bob Goins

Listen to Episode 17 with Bob Goins!

Here are some references from Episode 17 that you may want to check out:

  • Bob is from Dayton, Ohio. He started playing guitar at age 7 and the first song he learned was “More Than a Feeling” by Boston, which was brand new at the time! He taught himself to play songs directly from that record.  
  • Bob moved to Cincinnati in 1993 and started giving lessons out of his apartment. His friend owned the former Children’s Music Association in Cincinnati, and one day he was asked to fill in and teach guitar there, and the kids loved him. They offered him his first professional teaching job.  
  • Bob was all packed and ready to go to Oregon (due to a fascination with Puget Sound) when his friend called and told him he was going to Chicago for the weekend and asked if he wanted to go with. After loving his visit so much, Bob changed his plan and moved to Chicago in 1997. He was working here at a coffee shop, when his friend encouraged him to go get a job at the Old Town School of Folk Music. He started there in 1998 and has been teaching there ever since.  
  • Bob formally lived in Lincoln Park for about 16 years, but one of his students showed him Andersonville, and he fell in love with the idea of living and working in the same neighborhood. He talked with the owners of Brimfield Antiques (5219 N Clark) about renting their upstairs room during weekday afternoons to teach, and Bob has been teaching Classes on Clark there since October 2017.
Classes on Clark is located upstairs above Brimfield at 5219 N Clark and right next door to the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce offices!

Classes on Clark is located upstairs above Brimfield at 5219 N Clark and right next door to the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce offices!

  • You will receive a Music 101 lesson in this episode! Bob teaches fingerstyle guitar, which takes all three parts or music (harmony, melody, rhythm) and puts them together in a finger picking method that allows listeners to recognize the song without hearing it sung. He then graces us with a rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” cheering for his north side Cubs.
  • Both children and adults alike start lessons with a lot of excitement when they are first beginning to learn guitar. Bob doesn’t believe in teaching scales, but teaching around the chords and muscle memory. Bob believes that we are all natural musicians and it gives us a great sense of accomplishment to learn to play.
  • Bob’s taught beginners who start at the age of 80 years old and now have a lot of time on their hands. Some come to music because it’s something more than the day-to-day of life.    
  • Bob often plays at Simon’s Tavern (5210 N Clark) here in Andersonville.  He plays solo as Bob Goins, plays in a duet called the VandaBobs, a trio (that keeps changing names), and a quartet, last called Treated and Released. The next band name his going to play under is the Aggravated Anglers.
Bob Goins and Vanda Kvjatkovski of the VandaBobs upstairs in Brimfield.

Bob Goins and Vanda Kvjatkovski of the VandaBobs upstairs in Brimfield.

“Music touches on things inside of you, and it opens up parts of yourself that you may not have otherwise acknowledged. It doesn’t judge or grade you, music just is.”
– Bob Goins

Bob Goins is temporarily closing Classes on Clark in September 2018 to relocate, but is teaching classes up until that point. Please email him directly at admin@classesonclark.com to schedule.

Visit Classes on Clark on the following platforms:
Online: classesonclark.com
Facebook: facebook.com/classesonclark
Instagram: @classesonclark
Twitter: @ClassesOnClark

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – notes from Episode 16 with Alma Gutierrez of Cassona Home Furnishings and Accessories

In this week’s episode, Laura and Joelle are joined by Alma Gutierrez founder and owner of Cassona Home Furnishings and Accessories, located at 5241 N Clark.  Cassona has been serving the Andersonville community by offering affordable and high quality furniture since 1999. Shoppers can discover smaller scale items like vases and picture frames, as well as larger scale items like sofas and tables with the help of Cassona’s dedicated and friendly staff.

Alma Guitierrez inside of her store, Cassona, in Andersonville.

Alma Guitierrez inside of her store, Cassona, in Andersonville.

“Andersonville caught my attention because it’s a very quaint and very intimate neighborhood.”
– Alma Gutierez

Listen to Episode 16 with Alama Gutierrez! 

Here are some references from Episode 16 that you may want to check out:

  • The neighborhood has become more gentrified since Alma first opened here. But, it has become more active and more businesses have opened. Alma really enjoys Big Jones (5347 N Clark) , Ora Sushi (5143 N Clark )  and now Octavio (5310 N Clark)
  • Cassona means large house or mansion in Spanish. At first Alma was strictly importing items from Mexico, so she felt it was important to capture the Spanish aspect of her business in its name. She did, however, add the extra “s” to nod to Italian culture.
  • When Alma traveled for her past job, she fell in love with all of the different cultures and subcultures that she came across, and she decided she wanted to make these items available to the U.S market.  
  • Before opening Cassona, Alma worked in real estate which is something that she still does currently.  Even before that, she worked for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.  
  • Paris and Egypt are Alma’s favorite places to travel to, but she recommends first time international travelers to visit Asia, as it is one of the most magical places she has ever been to. She specifically mentions Halong Bay in Vietnam. She wants to go to Portugal in the future too, because she hears it beautiful and inexpensive.  
Sofa lines carried at Cassona.

Sofa lines carried at Cassona.

  • Cassona carries sofa lines that are produced in the United States – Alma does this to assure her customers of quality, affordability, warranties, and customization.
  • During this 4th of July week, Cassona is offering 20% off of their eco-friendly furniture line made of 100% muscle bamboo. The sale is happening now through July 9! Check it out.

Cassona storefront featuring the July 4 sale.

  • Cassona is also participating in the Andersonville Summer Sidewalk Sale on July 27-29 and will be offering a lot of good products.   
  • Cassona has done two benefits this year so far. One was for Casa Central which is an organization out of Humboldt Park.  The other was to help the current situation in Puerto Rico. On September 27, Alma and Cassona are planning a benefit for Honduras which is where Alma is from. She has a friend that runs an organization that helps build schools there. Stay tuned for more info!
  • Alma would trade places with Lost Larson (5318 N Clark) in Andersonville for a day. Gourmet food is one of Alma’s passions and she’s curious to learn how Bobby picks his raw materials and processes them, works the mill, etc.

“It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s an incredible neighborhood”
– Alma Gutierez 

Cassona hosted Third Thursday Networking in their storefront last November 2017.

Cassona hosted Third Thursday Networking in their storefront last November 2017.

Visit Cassona on the following platforms:
Online: cassona.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cassonafurniture
Instagram: @cassonachicago
Twitter: @cassonachicago
Yelp: Cassona Home Furnishings and Accessories 

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Notes from Episode 15 with Chef Jennifer Kim and Tegan Brace of Passerotto

In this week’s episode, Laura is joined by owner Chef Jennifer Kim and General Manager Tegan Brace of Passerotto, which opened its doors in May at 5420 N Clark. The Chicago Tribune called Passerotto “a culinary love letter to growing up Korean-American” and having grown-up eating spaghetti with kimchi with her brother, Chef Jennifer brings fun Korean fare to Andersonville.

Passerotto General Manager Tegan Brace (left) and owner Chef Jennifer Kim (right) in Transistor's Studio C.

Passerotto General Manager Tegan Brace (left) and owner Chef Jennifer Kim (right) in Transistor’s Studio C.

“I just remember feeling there was something particular and very personal about Andersonville.”
– Chef Jennifer Kim

  Listen to Episode 15 with Passerotto!

Here are some references from Episode 15 that you may want to check out:

  • Owning restaurants and cooking is newer path for Chef Jennifer, as she was originally in Pharmacy school and was really intrigued with how things worked and why things happen. She then realized that cooking had a similar effect.  
  • Passerotto means “little sparrow” in Italian and is a nickname given to Jennifer by her father.  Because her food has an emotional connection she wanted the name to reflect that as well. Learn more about the restaurant’s concept here. 
  • Being in the neighborhood, walking around, and seeing what it is physically about is what helped convince Chef Jennifer to take over the old Brixton space.

    Passerotto's interior with the copper stools Laura speaks about in the episode.

    Passerotto’s interior with the copper stools Laura speaks about in the episode.

“We put the neighborhood first….we are creating a community and a home.”
– Tegan Brace

  • Tegan is also an artist. View her work here.
  • The restaurant is very personal to both Chef Jennifer and Tegan, and they wanted to be able to express that in every way, including the selected artwork.  The design and painting in the exposed brick interior was done by Chef Jennifer and Tegan, and they selected artwork by local Chicago artists including two large works by John Paul Morabito. There are also Monmon Cat prints and Japanese prints on silk paper by tattoo artist Mike Dorsey.
  • As a first generation Korean American, Korean food was Chef Jennifer’s anchor, yet there was a comforting quality that Chef Jennifer got from Italian food, particularly down on Taylor Street, Chicago’s Little Italy. Once she got into cooking professionally, she realized the similarities between Italian food and culture and Korean.
  • Passerotto is 100% a Korean restaurant, although it does have influences from Italy.  She hopes that the menu reflects the experiences that she, her staff, and her customers have experienced and she is excited to see how that changes in real time. The menu will continue to change, but you can view the current menu here.
  • The neighborhood favorite on the menu thus far is the KALBI, which is the glazed short ribs.
Passerotto small bites during their May Open House.

Passerotto small bites during their May Open House.

  • Tegan is in charge of the wine list for Passerotto. Normally, Korean food is paired with beer, but pairing wine and other selections with the menu items is something special that Tegan has cultivated. She tries to pull selections from similar regions as the food to create an unexpected combination. View the drink menu here.
  • At first, Chef Jennifer’s parents were a little hesitant to her idea of opening a Korean restaurant, but now they are opening up to it upon realizing how popular Korean food is in Chicago. Chicago diners are very adventurous and open to new things, which makes it a great time and place to open up this kind of restaurant.
  • Chef Jennifer loves David Bowie and even purchased art from Transistor (5224 N. Clark)! She’d also choose to change places with Bobby at Lost Larson (5318 N. Clark) for a day, and Tegan would change places with anyone at Simon’s Tavern (5210 N. Clark). They also love In Fine Spirits (5418 N. Clark ) and consider Jarran and his team phenomenal neighbors and collaborators.          
 All of the food at Passerotto is beautiful and colorful!  View more photos on their Instagram.

All of the food at Passerotto is beautiful and colorful! View more photos on their Instagram.

Visit Passerotto on the following platforms:
Online: passerottochicago.com
Facebook: facebook.com/passerottochicago
Instagram: @passerottochi

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – notes from episode 14 with Ted Fournier or Orange Shoe Personal Fitness

This week, we are joined today by Ted Fournier, owner of Orange Shoe Personal Fitness Andersonville located at 5609 N Clark Street. Orange Shoe is known for its amazing customer service and family-style vibe with options for cardio, strength, and cross training as well as kettlebell and yoga, and even nutrition counseling! Ted has quite the story to tell about overcoming life-changing injury with the powerful remedy of proper physical therapy and training.


Ted in the main training room of Andersonville's Orange Shoe Personal Fitness.

Ted in the main training room of Andersonville’s Orange Shoe Personal Fitness.

“We want to be a home, or the gym, for anyone who hasn’t been comfortable in a gym.”
– Ted Fournier 

Listen to Episode 14 with Ted Fournier!

Here are some of the references from Episode 14 that you may want to check out:

  • Teds episode was recorded back in the spring when we were prepping for the new Neighborhood Guide – it’s out now and you can request your FREE copy here!
  • Ted suffered a terrible car accident years back with many surgeries for recovery. He spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to feel better and the only thing that worked was stretching and working out. After several years in the finance industry, he got his personal training certificate and started working with the Orange Shoe Personal Fitness in Lakeview/North Center. Read Ted’s bio here!
  • Ted’s trainer team is very diverse. They all have different backgrounds and specialties. Meet them here! All clients are encouraged to rotate trainers as well.
  • Every client is invited in for a free consultation session to start their training. The team comes together to create a program based on fitness goals and budget. Learn more here. 
  • Laura Brown is Orange Shoe’s registered dietitian and trainer and runs the Healthy Foundations Program at Orange Shoe. View the program here. Clients can also pick up healthy recipe sheets from Laura near the doorway of Orange Shoe!
  • Orange Shoe is a small business model, but is part of a franchise with six other locations. The original name came from the founder, who used to wear crazy fluorescent orange shoes (before the bright shoe fade). Orange Shoe’s long term growth plan is to have their trainers become future owners. Learn about franchising here. 
  • Ted would trade places with an Andersonville business that isn’t open seven days a week! But in all honestly, would like to trade places with Little Bad Wolf (1541 W. Bryn Mawr). Good choice Ted!
Ted during his Neighborhood Guide photo shoot showing off some stretches.

Ted during his Neighborhood Guide photo shoot (the same shoot he mentions to us at the beginning of the episode) showing off some stretches.

“When you can be in a neighborhood that really connects with who you are as a person, that’s a true community.” 
– Ted Fournier 

Visit Orange Shoe Personal Fitness Andersonville on these platforms:
Online: orangeshoe.com/ChicagoAndersonville
Facebook: facebook.com/OrangeShoeAndersonville
Instagram: @orangeshoepersonalfitness

Andersonville Father’s Day 2018 Roundup

Looking for last minute gifts for dad or a delicious meal out this weekend? Andersonville is a great place to shop, dine, and experience this weekend! Below is a curated selection for our Father’s Day roundup, but please visit our business page for a directory of all of the amazing businesses you can visit in Andersonville this weekend!

A selection of Father's Day finds in the lower level of Andersonville Antiques.

A selection of Father’s Day finds in the lower level of Andersonville Antiques.

Andersonville Antiques | 5245 N. Clark
Take dad into Andersonville Antiques to browse the reclaimed Mid-Century custom-built cabinets and peruse the many different vendors in the lower level.

Alamo Shoes | 5321 N. Clark
Shoes for dad – need we say more? Alamo always has great finds on shoes for work and play!

Andersonville Galleria | 5247 N. Clark
Get lost in the aisles of Andersonville Galleria. Our favorite picks for dad include candles, original Chicago artwork, reclaimed wood bar lights, and more!

Cowboys and Astronauts | 1478 W. Summerdale
Owners Matthew and Greg pay tribute to their dads, aka their “original heroes,” in a recent post, but they also just launched their brand new Midwest Graphic Tees with 11.11% donated back to Center on Halsted. Let’s be honest though; the entire shop is the perfect place to take dad to this weekend!

Foyer Shop | 1480 W. Berwyn
Introduce dad to one of our newer Andersonville shops full of greenery, Foyer! Shop owner Alma is offering a 20% discount on large (8”-10”) plants and a 20% discount on tensor lamps for Father’s Day!

Lots of gifts can be found at Foursided! Get dad what he really wants.

Lots of gifts can be found at Foursided! Get dad what he really wants.

Foursided | 5061 N. Clark
He’s already got too many neckties – time to get the big man what he really wants! There are so many fun goodies at Foursided, it’ll be hard to choose! Just check out the photo above for inspiration.

Hungry by Nature
Have you tried Ellie’s amazing grain-free granola? A recent pop-up at our Farmers Market, she just started selling in the Andersonville Galleria as well, but for dad this weekend, purchase online and use code ‘DAD’ for 15% off your order! Shop now.

A curation of goods available at Martha Mae: Art Supplies and Beautiful Things

A curation of goods available at Martha Mae: Art Supplies and Beautiful Things

Martha Mae: Art Supplies and Beautiful Things | 5407 N. Clark
Owner Jean Cate has curated a lovely collection of items any father would find useful for home or office. We are swooning over the Midori Grain Memo Pad.

Murray & White | 5416 N. Clark
The new Andersonville Collection is finally available at Murray & White! Take a sneak peek at the new drink ware glasses.

Transistor Chicago | 5224 N. Clark
From super cool lamps, to Viynl, books, and unique wall art, Transistor is any dad’s dream shop.

We have so many great options for dad, we had to give t-shirts their own category! Stop in Strange Cargo (5216 N. Clark) for quirky and retro finds, or The T-Shirt Deli (1482 W. Berwyn)  for quick turnaround shits that Dad can make the day-of! Or visit, Transit Tees (5226 N. Clark) for Chicago-inspired designs and CTA train-themed goodies.

Anteprima | 5316 N. Clark
Anteprima is welcoming all Dads for dinner reservations this Sunday! Bring him by for a meal he’s sure to enjoy. Reserve now.

Bar Roma | 5101 N. Clark
10AM-2PM: Father’s Day Brunch with Complimentary Bombolini Donut for Dads! In addition to the regular brunch menu, executive chef Fred Ramos will offer an array of specials, including: stracciatella soup; sweet corn and arugula salad; wood-grilled Italian sausage frittata; spaghetti alla chitarra; and hazelnut gelato affogato (detailed below). All dads will receive a complimentary bombolini (Italian donut) with vanilla pastry cream to finish their meal.

The BBQ ribs at Fireside.

The BBQ ribs at Fireside.

Fireside Restaurant | 5739 N. Ravenswood
10AM-3PM: Fireside will host their annual Fathers Day Brunch featuring BBQ ribs, prime rib, pot roast and more! Download the menu. Dinner menu starts at 4PM. Call for reservations at 773-561-7433.

Replay Andersonville | 5358 N. Clark
Stop in for brunch Saturday or Sunday morning and let Dad take a turn (or several) on the room full of arcade games!



Up close bar magic at the front bar in Chicago Magic Lounge.

Up close magic at the front bar in Chicago Magic Lounge.

Chicago Magic Lounge | 5050 N. Clark
If you don’t have tickets to the show, no sweat! The front bar at Chicago Magic Lounge opens at 5PM nightly for up close bar magic, cocktails like the popular Smoke and Mirrors, and hidden entrances for dad to decipher!

Chicago Foodways Tours | Saigon to Stockholm Tour
11:30AM-3PM | Spend this Sunday with dad touring and eating your way through the Asia on Argyle and Andersonville Neighborhoods with Chicago Foodways Tours! View tickets.

Chicago Methodist Senior Services | 1415 W. Foster
CMSS is offering one-on-one computer classes for Dad! Classes range from computer repair to set-up. Call 773-769-9000 or email computerservices@cmsschicago.org to set up! Download the flyer here.

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – notes from Episode 13 with Hallie Borden of Milk Handmade and Honey Bridal

In this week’s episode, Laura and Sara chat with Hallie Borden, owner of Milk Handmade and Honey Bridal located next door to each other at 5137 and 5135 N. Clark.  Since 2012, Milk Handmade has been a destination women’s boutique that specializes in merchandise from local and independent designers and features not only apparel, but one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories, soaps and candles.


Hallie recording in Studio C at Transistor.

“I think it’s important to support the people in your backyard if you want to keep living in a place with these type of businesses.”
-Hallie Borden

Listen to Episode 13 with Hallie Borden!

Here are some of the references from Episode 13 that you may want to check out:

  • Hallie used to work in business to business data consulting and was frustrated by the daily office routine and needed more of a creative outlet, so she moved ahead to open Milk Handmade in 2012.
  • When Hallie settled the concept of Milk Handmade, she didn’t even consider opening anywhere else but Andersonville because this neighborhood had the right vibe and demographic. She moved here one year after opening the shop!
  • Milk Handmade is named after Borden Dairy and Hallie used to have several milk crates featured in the shop!
  • Hallie carries mostly local designers at Milk. She specifically mentions Michelle Starbuck Designs as the first jewelry she carried in shop and clothing designer, Suki & Solaine.
One of Hallie's fun Instagram pictures featuring jewelry carried at Milk Handmade, including Michelle Starbuck Designs.

One of Hallie’s fun Instagram pictures featuring jewelry carried at Milk Handmade, including Michelle Starbuck Designs.

  • Last year, Hallie opened Honey Bridal with her sister Dana with the goal of allowing brides to really be themselves in a comfortable environment. View the designers they carry here. 
  • Hallie likes to visit Hopleaf (5148 N. Clark), Vincent (1475 W. Balmoral), Bar Roma (5101 N. Clark)  or Anteprima (5316 N. Clark) after a good day in the shop to spend her money locally, and then those businesses in turn are cycling the money back through the community as well
  • Sauvie is Hallie’s 10 year old retired greyhound, the “gentle giant” who hangs out at Milk Handmade on the couch in the back of the shop.
  • Hallie is a strong believer of letting her customers see both her personality and Milk’s products together on social media, particularly on her Instagram
  • Hallie has Janelle Monae’s recent album on repeat right now and is a big lover of muisc and concerts overall
  • If given the chance to switch places with another business owner in Andersonville for the day, Hallie would want to trade places with Larry at Scout (5221 N. Clark) 

Anniversary Party Image

Hallie’s own clothing label for Milk Handmade will launch this Thursday, June 14 at the Milk and Honey anniversary party! Click here for the details


Visit Milk Handmade and Honey Bridal on the following platforms:
Online: milkhandmade.com | honey-bridal.com
Facebook: facebook.com/MilkHandmade | facebook.com/honeybridalchicago
Instagram: @milkhandmade | @honeybridalchicago
Twitter: @MilkChicago | @honey_bridal

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – notes from episode 12.4 with Shelly Fuerte of Lakeside Pride and Midsommarfest FAQs

In this episode, Sara Dinges and Laura Austin of the Andersonville Chamber give you a rundown of this weekend’s Andersonville Midsommarfest highlights, plus we are joined by Shelly Fuerte, Vice President of the Winona Foster Carmen Winnemac Block Club, otherwise known as the WFCW and singer in the Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles Latin Band. Shelly and her band will be playing Midsommarfest on Sunday, June 10 on the Center Stage at Berwyn at 1PM.

Opening ceremonies at Midsommarfest include the traditional Swedish maypole dance.

Opening ceremonies at Midsommarfest include the traditional Swedish maypole dance.

Listen to Episode 12.4 with Shelly Fuerte and our Midsommarfest Preview!

Here are some of the references from Episode 12.4 that you may want to check out:

Midsommarfest FAQs

  • Laura and Sara discuss details about tonight’s fest kickoff and the weekend ahead, particularly the Friday Night expansion and block party, and the Saturday morning opening ceremonies at 11AM featuring the maypole dance.
  • This year, we have 14 non-profits benefiting from Midsommarfest. View the full list!
  • If you want to donate directly to a Senn highschooler, Senn students are staffing the Summerdale gates (East and West) on Saturday, June 9 from 10AM-6PM
  • Midsommarfest is going ALL CANS this year. We are giving away 100 FREE koozies to the first 100 people to donate at the gates and koozies will be for sale at the Chamber Booth all weekend 
  • Music: Fest favorites Mucca Pazza and Rod Tuffcurls and The Bench Press are returning to Midsommarfest this year. Local Bands too! View the lineup here.
  • Our Alamo Playlot will feature Kids  & Family activates including an agility demonstration from Urban Pooch on the Summerdale Stage at 1:15PM on Sunday, June 10. Check out who’s featured
  • The Chicago Equality Rally returns on Sunday, June 10 at Noon at the Balmoral Pride Stage featuring speaker Rick Garcia, with elected officials, the Senn High School Orchestra, and more. 
The Lakeside Pride Ensembles Latin Band

The Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles Latin Band

“That’s what everyone wants to do – Is really just laugh and sing and dance and live and not be judged and not be told that you can’t.”
– Shelly Fuerte

Lakeside Pride Latin Band and Shelly Fuerte 

  • Shelly moved here to Andersonville in 2012 with her husband from Jackson Hole, WY and fell in love with the neighborhood.
  • Shelly is a road manager, (programming Jane Lynch at City Winery on November 30), a programmer for the Pittsburgh Symphony, and also sells essential oils on the side.
  • WFCW is one the longest standing block clubs in Chicago
  • Shelly has been performing with Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles for the last 2 or 3 years. Shelly and her husband are both trombone players and were looking for something nearby
  • There are 12 ensembles with Lakeside Pride! View them here. Shelly was previously involved with the Symphonic Band and Cabaret band, but wanted to start the Latin Band.
  • The name of the Latin Band is Tako Toosday, as they rehearse on Tuesdays and always get tacos after! Of the 17-member ensemble, 75% is female or female identified
  • Shelly’s favorite song to perform is Marc Anthony’s Vivir Mi Vida
     and many of the other ensemble members are involved in picking songs for the group 
  • Shelly is also involved in Friends of Andersonville, one of our beneficiaries working the beer booths during Midsommarfest weekend.
  • Folks can join one of the ensembles of Lakeside Pride online or visit the group at this weekend’s festival to learn more. 
  • If given the chance of the day, Shelly would choose to switch places with Jameson Loves Danger (5208 N. Clark)  because she loves animals and the owners and employees who work there. Folks can register their own dogs at the Midsommarfest Pet Parade this weekend, sponsored by Jameson Loves Danger, on Saturday, June 9 at 12PM. 

“ I think it’s so special to have a really local business care so much about what they are doing.”
– Shelly Fuerte

Visit Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles on these platforms:
Online: lakesidepride.org
Facebook: facebook.com/LakesidePride
Instagram: @lakesidepride
Twitter: @LakesidePride
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#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Notes from episode 12.3 with Edgewater Candles

In our third of four episodes this week previewing Andersonville Midsommarfest (June 8-10, 2018), we speak with candle creators Mark Towns and Stephen Pearlman, the duo behind our local favorite, Edgewater Candles. With scents like Cedar Lavender, Tobacco Tonka, and the ever-popular Fraser Fir during the winter months, these soy wax candles will warm up any office, home or studio. You can currently find Edgewater Candles stocked at Foursided in Andersonville (5061 N. Clark), at many markets around Chicago, at this weekend’s Midsommarfest, and at the Andersonville Farmers Market this season.

Stephen Pearlman (left) and Mark Towns (right) of Edgwater Candles, recording in Transistor's Studio C.

Stephen Pearlman (left) and Mark Towns (right) of Edgwater Candles, recording in Transistor’s Studio C.

“I try to pour 108 candles before bed each night. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don’t, but it’s a good goal.
– Mark Towns

Listen to Episode 12.3 with Mark and Stephen!

Here are some of the references from Episode 12.3 that you may want to check out:

“Right now we have a factory shoved into our apartment, and soon we’ll have a little tiny apartment shoved in the back of a factory.”
– Edgewater Candles

  • Edgewater Candles collaborated with Jenny of Three Letter Birds for their limited edition champagne candle label, and hope to do more label collaborations in the future 
  • Laura mentions the Tomato Leaf candle as a fan favorite at the Andersonville Farmers Market – Edgewater Candles offers different seasonal selections throughout the year
Edgewater Candles seasonal tomato leaf candle

Edgewater Candles seasonal tomato leaf candle

  • Edgewater Candles developed their Woodsmoke candle specifically off a request from shop Strange Lovely, and it has since developed into one of their most popular scents
  • Cedar Lavender, to date, is the most popular scent that Edgewater Candles currently sells
  • If given the chance to trade places with Andersonville businesses for a day, Mark would choose either Foursided (5061 N. Clark) or Hopleaf (5148 N. Clark), and Stephen concurs! Speaking of Hopleaf, they are one of Stephen’s favorite restaurants in Chicago because of their seasonal and extensive vegetarian menu.

Find Mark and Stephen this weekend at Midsommarfest between Summerdale and Balmoral on the East side of Clark right by Calo Ristorante (5343 N. Clark). They are also one of the select vendors coming out to our new Open Streets block party on Friday night June 8 as well!

Photo by Edgewater Candles.

Photo by Edgewater Candles.

Visit the Edgewater Candles on these platforms:
Online: edgewatercandles.com
Facebook: facebook.com/edgewatercandles
Instagram: @edgewatercandles



#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – notes from episode 12.2 with Alderman Harry Osterman

In our second of four episodes this week previewing Andersonville Midsommarfest, today we are joined by Harry Osterman, Alderman of the 48th Ward which includes the communities of Edgewater, Andersonville and Uptown’s Argyle Street. Alderman Osterman is a lifelong resident of the 48th Ward and prior to becoming Alderman in 2011, Harry served in Springfield for 11 years as State Representative of the 14th District. He is known for boots-on-ground public service, focusing on improving public safety, local neighborhood schools and supporting small businesses.

(from left) Laura Austin, Sara Dinges and Alderman Harry Osterman record in Studio C.

(from left) Laura Austin, Sara Dinges and Alderman Harry Osterman record in Studio C.

“Trying to find ways that local businesses can support the schools is really critical for keeping people within a community.”
– Alderman Harry Osterman

Listen to Episode 12.2 with Alderman Osterman!

Here are some of the references from Episode 12.2 that you may want to check out:

  • Listen to find out what book Harry picked up from Women & Children First the day we recorded the podcast.
  • Harry shares that he has lived on three streets in Andersonville: Summerdale, Balmoral and Catalpa.
  • Harry’s mom, Kathy, was Alderman of the 48th Ward in the 1980s and once held an International St. Patrick’s Day parade. We chat about bringing this event back!
  • Every summer, Harry’s office hosts over 100 outdoor events to promote safe spaces and help build community. Hear about Harry’s vision for public safety – both in the 48th Ward and Chicago.

“When people come together it creates safety.”
– Alderman Harry Osterman

  • One of these events grew into the Argyle Night Market, about which Harry discusses the inception and how it has evolved over the years.
  • Harry is a strong supporter of the neighborhood schools. The Andersonville Chamber has partnered with Senn High School for this year’s Midsommarfest! Make sure to visit them this weekend as our gate donation beneficiaries.
Harry and the community celebrating the opening of the Glenwood Greenway in summer 2017.

Harry and the community celebrating the opening of the Glenwood Greenway in summer 2017.

  • Andersonville’s new Glenwood Greenway was a project spearheaded by the 48th Ward and CDOT and inspired by a trip to Copenhagen the Alderman took in 2011.
  • Harry references the CTA Lawrence to Bryn Mawr Modernization project that is coming up in 2020 or 2021 for our community. Learn more here.
  • Harry discusses being an early supporter of President Barack Obama, as well as a memorable visit First Lady Michelle made to Andersonville where she visited the former Charlie’s Alehouse at (5308 N Clark ) which is now Octavio.
  • Harry shares his vision of leadership – which includes listening, community involvement and fostering feedback from neighbors – as well as what keeps him motivated each day. He also mentions getting involved and volunteering at places like Care for Real (5339 N. Sheridan).
  • If given the chance to trade places with and Andersonville business, Harry would pick to work at Calo Ristorante (5343 N. Clark) for a day.
Harry with the Senn High School Wrestling Team.  Fun fact: Senn's Wrestling team has more female wrestlers than any other CPS high school!

Harry with the Senn High School Wrestling Team. Fun fact: Senn’s Wrestling team has more female wrestlers than any other CPS high school!

“Everybody can find a way to get involved.”
– Alderman Harry Osterman

Visit the 48th Ward on these platforms:
Online: 48thward.org
Facebook: facebook.com/48thward
Instagram: @48thwardchicago
Twitter: @48ward