Always Andersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 136 with Jamie Kelter Davis

This week, Laura and Joelle are joined by our 2021-22 neighborhood guide photographer, Jamie Kelter Davis. Jamie is a local photographer, storyteller and traveler based in Logan Square who shoots compelling visual narratives with subjects ranging from: women in farming, organic agriculture, projects about the American Midwest, art activism, women fighting for social justice using art, aging in rural areas, and now, the small business community of Andersonville! 

Listen to Episode 135 with Jamie Kelter Davis!

Top podcast highlights and where to find them (by timestamp):

:56 – Tune in to hear a little bit about Jamie’s background and her interest in photography!

2:36 – She found an interest in shooting the “quiet times” of the pandemic.



“I really enjoyed photographing mundane moments and hopefully making them beautiful.”

4:54  – Jamie shot photos for our 2021-2022 Neighborhood Guide which is coming out this spring. Hear about what her process and experience was like!

10:08 – Hear our podcaster’s experience with masks, COVID-19 and the struggle of smiling with masks on!

17:09 – Jamie was able to meet quite a few of the business owners in Andersonville during her photoshoots for the Guide. Tune in to hear some moments that stood out to her! She also loved being able to shoot the Black Trans Lives Matter Mural!


“Andersonville’s always been this like really special neighborhood that I visit … the experience of actually experiencing the businesses first hand were just some of the best moments.”

22:20 – Jamie talks about the people who have shaped who she is as a photographer today.

24:20 – Was photography always Jamie’s calling? Tune in to find out!

26:34 – Jamie talks about her relationships with both film and digital photography. She truly is so incredible at what she does, and we wanted to take a moment to appreciate her and her expertise with her craft!

28:47 – What’s next for Jamie? Tune in here! She’s starting to work on projects involving food disparity in the Midwest. She’s very passionate about volunteer projects and food pantries. 

32:48 – Tune in for Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: Favorite dive bar? Favorite Chicago pastime? If you could travel anywhere right now, for a job or personal, where would it be? Most important lesson you learned in 2020? What are you looking forward to most for 2021?


“The biggest lesson is to have gratitude for what you have and don’t take things for granted.”

Connect with Jamie on the following platforms:
Instagram: @jaymiey

Always Andersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 135 with Jamar Holloway of Visionary Eye Care

This week, Joelle and Kaylee are joined by Jamar Holloway of Visionary Eye Care in Andersonville at 5222 N Clark. Visionary believes that balancing great eye care and great eyewear is not an act; it’s their commitment to you. They’ve mastered the balance for over 25 years, bringing you expertise and style simultaneously. The team of doctors bring an incredible depth of knowledge to your care in order to bring you the best patient experience. Visionary won’t let you walk out looking anything short of your best, and they want their commitment to your care to shine through. You’ll see.


“My grandmother was blind … As a child, I spent a lot of intimate time with my grandmother one on one. My mother used to say, “I was my grandmother’s eyes.”
Jamar Holloway

Listen to Episode 135 with Jamar Holloway!

Top podcast highlights and where to find them (by timestamp):

:54 – Jamar kicks us off by telling us a little bit about himself and his background.

3:38 – Jamar tells us about his move to Chicago from Detroit post-college. 

4:34 – Hear about how he began to work with Visionary Eye Care here in Andersonville.

6:13 – How does Visionary Eye Care stand out among larger corporations? Tune in here to find out! 


“You have a lot more opportunity [in a small business] to kind of create the niche that you want to work in and to service the people and the clientele that want your service.”

7:42 – Jamar talks about how Visionary has evolved in the community over the years. They have developed such a strong and loyal customer base!

10:23 – Tune in to hear about how Visionary has altered their services over the last year with COVID-19. 

14:02 – Visionary had a makeover! Hear about some of the changes they have made like incorporating their logo color in their decor and some new lighting fixtures.

15:55 – They are very lucky to have some wonderful artists that decorate their windows throughout the year. Learn more about Brian Ested and Matt Cochrane. They’re planning on a 25th anniversary tribute for Visionary in June!

19:16 – Hear about some of the most memorable experiences Jamar has had with his patients.


“The patients that have transitioned on to a different community and life and work that still find value in returning to visionary is probably one of the most rewarding things from my professional career. It says a lot about what we offer and what we do.”

21:06 – Hear about what a first-time appointment might look like from the initial consultation to future appointments.

24:56 – Wondering if you need to go in for an eye appointment? Listen in on some tell-tale signs it might be time for a check up!

29:05 – Jamar tells us some of the most important things he’s learned from being an apprentice to now being a Partner at Visionary. Empathy is crucial!

32:13 – Tune in for Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: Do you have a favorite brand of eyewear? What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have a favorite spot in Andersonville? If you could have chosen any other career path, what would it be?

Connect with Jamar and Visionary Eye Care on the following platforms:
Jamar’s Page:
Jamar’s email:
Facebook: @visionaryeyecareandersonville
Instagram: @visionaryecpros

Always Andersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 134 with Marisa Paolillo of Mango Pickle

This week, Joelle and Kaylee are joined by Marisa Paolillo, owner of Mango Pickle. Mango Pickle is a delicious bistro with Indian influences. They offer a number of different dishes, such as curries, various regional dishes, and are currently offering an impressive seasonal supper series. They also offer great cocktails and Indian coffee and tea. With the great reviews they’ve received, there’s no question that Mango Pickle is a must-go at 5842 N Broadway. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 3.55.46 PM

A shot of the interior of Mango Pickle.

“It was the time [COVID-19] for comfort food. It was the time to go back to simple basics.”
-Marisa Paolill0

Listen to Episode 134 with Marisa Paolillo!

Top podcast highlights, and where to find them (by timestamp):

:46 – Tune in to hear about Marisa and her background.

3:08 – Mango Pickle is in the middle of their “21 Days of Thali” supper series. Hear about how they begin to curate for these four-time-a-year specials. They spent a lot of time choreographing the takeout versions of the menus to fit the experience of dining in!

7:20 – When the pandemic hit, they were marketing their takeout food as “Indian Comfort Meals.” Hear about their process at the beginning of the pandemic and how they coped with this time. Marisa’s personal favorite comfort food is khichdi!


11:08 – Marissa spent some time working and learning in India. Hear her story here!


“People are conscientious of their society … It’s a very community driven place [India] … When they go to work, that becomes their adopted community.”

15:45 – Hear about how Marissa chose to open up Mango Pickle in Andersonville! She went to Vincent in Andersonville while the Farmer’s Market was going in. She was sold!

18:17 – Not only is Mango Pickle strongly Indian influenced, but they also include some other cultural influences, as well. Tune in to hear the cooking foundations of her and her partner, Greg.

20:50 – If you’re planning your first trip to Mango Pickle, hear the MUST HAVE dish from the owner herself!

22:37 – Tune in for Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: We’re guessing you love to travel. Where is your favorite place you’ve been? Any place you dream of traveling to? What is your favorite dish to cook? Do you have another restaurant or two that you love to go to in the area? How do you like to spend your free time?

Connect with Marissa and Mango Pickle on the following platforms:
Instagram: @mangopicklechicago
Facebook: @mangopicklechicago

Always Andersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 133 with Mia Sakai and Tim Hannifan of Ándale Market

This week, Laura and Joelle are joined by Mia Sakai and Tim Hannifan, owners of Ándale Market, the fan favorite “bodega with swag” that opened this past December, 2020. Ándale offers a curated selection of goods on-the-go, from pantry items you never knew you needed to gourmet chocolate bars, puzzles, pretty pink dog poop bags, soup kits and more at 5232 N Clark.


“This is your store. It’s not ours necessarily. It’s here for the community. For the neighborhood. We just feel so lucky to be a part of it.”
-Mia Sakai

Listen to Episode 133 with Mia & Tim!

Top podcast highlights, and where to find them (by timestamp):

:43 – Tune in to hear about Mia and Tim’s background! 

4:25 – Mia talks about what she worked on before Ándale. She has worked with Bloomberg, Dow Jones, & the Wall Street Journal! 

5:59 – Hear how they came up with the name Ándale.


“Bodegas are a very Latino-community thing … Ándale is a little bit of a nod to where this all came from.”
-Tim Hannifan

7:57 – What drew them to Andersonville, working with Midsommarfest, and eventually starting their own business? Tune in here! “It just sort of had this sense of community that resonated with me.” 

12:48 – Mia and Tim tell us about what the build out was like for their small business! They had a lot of help from the Chicago Tool Library, which was very helpful during the pandemic

18:28 – Hear about the curated products that Ándale sells!


“We’re trying to bring in things that you wouldn’t find everywhere … We want people to be surprised.”

“Everything that we have serves a purpose; They’re all functional items.”

25:03 – They sell local products like Karl’s Craft Soup, Long Table Pancakes, Squishy Face Dog Treats, and Downstate Donuts. Hear about how they connected with these businesses and chose them for their store!

30:09 – How many condiments does Ándale have? Estimate: 50.

33:25 – Mia and Tim tell us about the black-owned businesses they feature and why they are the perfect fit for their store. “People care about who and what is behind their foods … I think people really like seeing, having information about what’s behind a brand.” Mia has actually worked on a project about interviewing the owners behind brands. Check it out here:

Tune in for Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: Favorite Brand that inspires you right now? Favorite cool-shit shop (Mia: Regular Visitors)? Favorite Instagram to follow (Mia: @byseanbrown and @cj_hendry)? Favorite music genre for inspiration? East Coast or West Coast? Favorite snack food? Go to taste sensation: Salty, sweet, umami, sour, or bitter?

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 1.00.13 PM

Check out Ándale Market on the following platforms:
Instagram: @AndaleMarket

Listed below are some more local vendors for Ándale Market:

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 132 with Stephanie Sinnot of Sandbox Baby Boutique

This week, Joelle and Kaylle are joined by Stephanie Sinnott owner of Sandbox Baby Boutique opening soon at 5349 N Clark. Stephanie is a Chicago native and has lived in the Andersonville area for six years. She hopes that Sandbox will be a hub for parents, parents-to-be and anyone with a child in their life by offering a number of different sustainable products and clothing lines. We are very excited to welcome her to the Neighborhood.

Sandbox Logo_CMYK

Sandbox Baby Boutique’s Logo

“Andersonville is such an incredible community, and I can’t wait to contribute in some capacity.”
-Stephanie Sinnot

Listen to Episode 132 with Stephanie Sinnot!

Episode 132 highlights and where to find them (by timestamp):

:38 – Tune in to hear about Stephanie’s background. She’s grown up in Chicago, left to travel for a bit, and has been back living in Andersonville for 6 years!

2:02 – Hear what it was like to live in Australia and travel the world. “It gave me so much perspective about how privileged we are in ways that we don’t really understand.”

4:52 – Tune in to hear about how Stephanie came up with the concept of her new business, Sandbox Baby Boutique.

View More:

Stephanie Sinnot, owner of Sandbox Baby Boutique, with her son.

“I think that there’s a real lack of community space for moms … It can be not only a place where there’s beautiful clothing but a real community hub for moms, moms-to-be, parents, anyone with a child in their life that just maybe needs some more resources that aren’t immediately at their fingertips.”  

7:24 – Stephanie talks about what people can expect to see in her store this spring. She specifically picked lines that are sustainable and functional!

9:36 – Why does Sandbox Baby Boutique stand out among the rest? Tune in here!

podcast 2

“I think we really are interested in being conscious about that (spending money) … So I’m bringing to you an array of clothes that are gonna look like exactly what you would hope to find in an upscale baby boutique, but they maybe just so happen to align with ethics that you already have for how you spend your money.” 

11:13 – The buildout for the store is going great, and there is a lot of thought that was put into it! Listen in on Stephanie’s updates.

12:50 – Stephanie walks us through the process of coming up with the idea to finally open up in the next couple of weeks.

14:48 – Hear one of the most valuable things Stephanie has learned while building up a business in a pandemic. 

15:59 – Tune in to hear Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: What are some of your favorite restaurants in the Chicago area? How do you choose to spend your free time? Your little one is 2.5, yes? What has been your favorite thing about being a mom? If you can give one piece of advice to new parents, from your own experience, what would it be? What are your top three favorite travel destinations? Say COVID-19 suddenly stopped existing and normal life resumed. What would be the first thing you do?

Connect with Stephanie and Sandbox Baby Boutique at the following locations:
Instagram: @sandbox_baby_boutique 

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 131 with Dr. Julian Bailes

This week, Laura and Joelle are joined by Dr. Julian E. Bailes, Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at NorthShore University HealthSystem and a surgeon specializing in Spinal Disorders, Brain Disorders, and Neoplasm who is currently bringing his expertise to local patients via The Clark here in Andersonville. We are excited to jump into this conversation with Dr. Bailes to learn more about cutting edge treatments in the industry, his time spent as an NFL physician, and his expertise in the field surrounding brain injury, particularly with concussions. 

Julian Bailes - PIC for Swedish

Dr. Julian E. Bailes


You’re probably drawn to the kind of surgery in whatever organ of the body you like … For me it was the brain and its functions and the frontiers we faced then and continue to face today.”
-Dr. Julian Bailes

Listen to Episode 131 with Dr. Julian Bailes!

Episode 131 highlights and where to find them (by timestamp):

:52 – Hear Dr. Bailes talk about his history with Chicago.

1:35 – Dr. Bailes looks back on why he wanted to dive into the medical field and become a brain surgeon. 

3:06 – Listen in on how Dr. Bailes decided to work with the NorthShore Medical Group, The Clark, and what drew him to the community.

“Our ability to serve Swedish Andersonville, the community there, is certainly present through the two neurosurgeons that are full time in Swedish.”

8:37 – Who doesn’t love a great success story? Hear the most rewarding surgeries Dr. Bailes has performed. 

Bailes Surgical GammaTile

Dr. Bailes performs surgery with GammaTile treatment.

10:11 – Hear some of the symptoms neurosurgeons look for when it comes to treatment-necessary problems or tumors in the brain. Did you know only 1-2% of individuals who suffer from headaches have any potential of a tumor?

11:58 – Tune in to hear what happens to the brain during impact and how it might lead to a concussion. Dr. Bailes was one of the first neurosurgeons to work personally with an NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers!

14:33 – Since discovering the long lasting effects of concussions, the medical community has done more research into the symptoms of a traumatic fall or hit. Hear some of those here.

16:39 – With so many kids playing contact sports, it’s important to be aware of what to look out for when it comes to possible brain injuries. Dr. Bailes talks about what he recommends looking out for in aspiring players. It’s crucial that the coaches know the importance of keeping their players safe.

“It’s not just the number of concussions, but the number of head impacts.”

19:19 – Tune in to hear the process of Alec Balwin ‘becoming’ Dr. Bailes in the movie Concussion.


Alec Baldwin as Dr. Julian Bailes.

“I was honored that he took on the role and played it. I will say he was very professional.”

21:45 – We are introduced to another guest, Margie, the physician liaison for growth and referrals with Swedish Hospital. She talks about things she learned from the movie that she had never known before, leading her to work alongside the real Dr. Bailes! 

24:45 – Dr. Bailes advises on how to handle our current situation with COVID-19 and doctor care. He discusses the protocols his practice is taking and the safest route for patients. They depend heavily on testing.

27:09 – Tune in for Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: What is your favorite surgical tool? If you weren’t a surgeon, what other career would you love to take on, even for just a day? Favorite pastime when you aren’t working? How has the current COVID climate affected your work life balance? Do you have any advice for aspiring surgeons looking to specialize in the spine or brain?

Click here for more information about Swedish Hospital.
Click here for more information on The Clark.
Visit Dr. Julian Bailes profile for NorthShore University here.

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 130 with Matt Leyes of Men’s Grooming Parlor

This week we are joined by Matt Leyes, owner and esthetician of Men’s Grooming Parlor. Matt’s commitment to men’s skin care keeps him at the top of his profession by staying up to date on the best, safest and most exciting new developments in skin care. At The Men’s Grooming Parlor, you will see that his skill and knowledge mix seamlessly with his charming personality to make for a fun, relaxing experience that will keep you looking and feeling your best.


Men’s Grooming Parlor is featured in this week’s episode.

“What I try to do is make everything seem very calm, easy, natural, and commonplace.”
-Matt Leyes

Listen to Episode 130 with Matt Leyes!

Check out these Episode 130 highlights (by timestamp):

1:14 – Matt kicks us off by telling us about his background. He went from being a photographer, to being a self-taught makeup artist, to discovering his love for skin care! Learn more about the Aveda Institute here.

9:09 – Hear how Matt balanced working multiple jobs. Paralegal by day, personal assistant by night, and a spa specialist on the weekends.

12:23 – Matt first moved to Andersonville in 2009 and started his business in a two bedroom apartment above Anteprima. Hear how he pushed through and achieved his goals!

14:06 – Tune in to hear the services Men’s Grooming Parlor offers. His most popular service is the Brazilian wax!

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 2.03.58 PM

Tippy Hedren, the actress who inspired Matt to start his program, the Global Grooming Initiative.

15:27 – Matt tells us the incredible story of how his team or “family” came to be. “I would donate to charities that I believed in, but it almost felt like that momentary signing of the check diminished quite quickly … It wasn’t a lasting sense of fulfillment.” He wanted to do something more impactful, and everything fell into place

21:14 – The Men’s Grooming Parlor has great reviews on Yelp. Hear how Matt makes the office space stand out. Fun fact: he took some of his inspiration from Indiana Jones!

PM9W09 Studio Publicity Still from Vega$ Robert Urich 1978 All Rights Reserved File Reference # 31720005THA For Editorial Use Only

Matt’s office style was inspired by Indiana Jones.

24:52 – Listen in on what a first-time client experience is like. He cares and wants his clients to feel comfortable.

28:49 – Want to hear about his dog, Bug? Tune in here!

31:57 – Hear one of the most important things he’s learned about in his professional career.

“What makes you different and unique is your personality … Be interested and be interesting.”

34:04 – What does Matt recommend to up and coming estheticians? Tune in here!

35:44 – Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: Favorite style icon? Style crush? In your opinion, which Star Wars movie or trilogy is the best? How do you perform self-care in your free time? Do you have an era that you would like to travel back too? Dead or alive, who are three people you would like to invite to your dinner party? You can only use three skin care products for the rest of your life. What would they be and why?

Follow The Men’s Grooming Parlor on the following platforms:

Pinterest: @mensgroomingparlor
Instagram: @mensgroomingparlor
Visit the Men’s Grooming Parlor website here.
Visit the Men’s Grooming Parlor Yelp page here.

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 129 with Jacques Gourguechon of Whole Hearted Psychotherapy

This week, Joelle and Kaylee are joined by Jacques Gourguechon of Whole Hearted Psychotherapy. Jacques is a licensed professional counselor who is interested in helping couples struggling with issues of trust be it affairs, alcoholism, behavioral addictions or estrangement. No matter how down you might feel, they believe that each person has certain inherent strengths and that identifying and building on these strengths fortifies you emotionally and leads to sustainable change.


 “Under every anger there is a desire or need. And the question is, how do we open that person’s consciousness up to what they’re really looking for?”
– Jacques Gourguechon

Listen to Episode 129 with Jacques Gourguechon!

Top podcast highlights, and where to find them (by timestamp):

1:51 – To kick off our podcast, Jacques tells us about his background and how he became interested in his field of study. He was a city planner for 35 years before he got his counseling degree and started his clinic!

4:34 – Hear how Jay and Jacques started Whole Hearted Psychotherapy

6:03 – How did they choose Andersonville as the location for their clinic? “It’s a great neighborhood. Very diverse.” Jacques has lived here for about 13 years!

8:25 – Tune in to hear what work situations peak Jacques interest the most. His clients are all adults, but he also volunteers at an alternative high school when he is able.

9:53 – Writing, drawing and music are an important adjunct to talk therapy. Hear Jacques talk about the one that has worked best with him and his clients.

12:29 – Hear us discuss some tips for maintaining mental health through winter and COVID-19. He recommends finding value in what you have right now, whether it’s spending time with family or learning a new hobby, there is always something to put your mind and soul into in a healthy way.

 “Mindfulness … I think we all need to slow down … Even if it’s only 10 minutes a day.”

16:30 – Jacques talks about how he goes about handling angry or frustrated clients. “We all get angry. It’s what you do with the anger that counts.

20:09 – Jacques studied under John Gottman for a number of years. Hear him talk about some learning lessons that have stuck with him during his years of practice. The Four Horsemen are the most important!  

24:16 – Hear Jacques talk about his thoughts on the triggers of today’s mental health issues. Pressure in the workforce is a big one!

28:02 – Are you looking into going into the field of therapy? Hear some advice from an expert. “You have to like people … A therapeutic relationship between a therapist and his client, or her client, is a very close one.”

30:19 – Tune in to hear some Rapid Fire Questions! Questions include: How do you personally handle stress? Do you have a favorite spot in Andersonville? Who or what inspires you the most?

“It’s a very satisfying profession, as well. It certainly makes me feel very good when I see someone improve and grow.”

Follow Whole Hearted Psychotherapy on the following platforms:
Psychology Today: Jacques Gourguechon
Gottman Referral Network: Jacques Gourguechon
Phone Number: (312) 203-9211

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes from Episode 128 with Cheryl Sloane of Überlube

This week, Laura and Joelle are joined by Cheryl Sloane, Brand Manager of Überlube. Überlube, was a quest that began in 2002, and was created with sex in mind. Überlube is batched, tested, and bottled in a Chicago-area facility and currently only three people know the formula. Ultimately, when you use Überlube you are using a product that’s all about helping you feel and be your best, and its first job is to make you feel amazing. You can find Überlube locally in Andersonville at Early to Bed and Cowboys and Astronauts as well as online at


Uberlube is also sponsoring Hygge Fest 2021.

“When Überlube first came out, it was radically different from anything else on the market. It was so beautiful … It really changed the marketplace.”
-Cheryl Sloane

Listen to Episode 128 with Cheryl Sloane & Searah Deysach! 

Top podcast highlights (and where to find them by timestamps):

2:22 – Tune in here to hear Cheryl’s relationship with Andersonville. 

3:29 – Cheryl talks about her background in the industry. She worked at the first store, G-Boutique, who sold Überlube in stores! Read more here.

5:50 – Hear Searah Deysach, owner of Early to Bed, talk about her relationship with Überlube and thoughts on the product.

“It has definitely solidified itself in a certain place in the industry, and we sell tons of it, still, all these years later.”
– Searah Deysach

7:26 – Gear up to hear Cheryl’s story of going from selling in stores to becoming brand manager of Überlube!

8:38 – Cheryl talks about the owners of the company and the thought that went into the making of the product. They worked hard on not just the formula, but the packaging, as well. The pump is metered, it’s completely sealed, and it’s look is perfect to keep on your bedside table. It really is a classic family business!

R9o2GYuw (1)

“It was designed with purpose.”
– Cheryl Sloane

10:30 – Still asking how Überlube is better? It’s not only great in the bedroom, but it’s also perfect for your hair, athletes who want to avoid chafing, plus rusty swing sets and tough door hinges!

14:19 – Hear how Überlube is planning on marketing for Valentine’s Day. Cheryl promotes staying home and enhancing the experience indoors.“Great lube makes great sex better sex.”

15:42 – Tune in to hear some stories of people who have bought Überlube and how to start the conversation on purchasing these products!

20:02 – Tune in here for Rapid Fire questions.  Questions include: Favorite ice breaker used with customers to get them comfortable talking about lube? What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? If you weren’t in your current job, what would you be doing instead? Do you have a dream travel destination? What signifies a strong brand to you? What do you look for?

OZ2rOFYQ (1)

“If you can get Überlube into somebody’s hands, they’re gonna want it.”
– Cheryl Sloane

Follow Überlube on the following platforms
Instagram: @uberlube
Twitter: @uberlube


35:00 – Please stick around to hear our Hygge Fest Roundup! Thank you to Überlube for sponsoring Hygge Fest 2021.

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes from Episode 127 with Kristin Fogarty-Yi of Objekt Architecture

This week, we are joined by Kristin Fogarty-Yi of OBJEKT Architecture. OBJEKT Architecture is a full service, custom residential architecture and design firm creating beautiful, timeless, and livable homes from coast to coast. They specialize in residential architecture, kitchen & bath design, interiors, additions, renovations, new construction, historic renovations, and more. Kristin states, “Your home should be both beautiful and functional. You should never have to compromise the way you live because of poor design.” 

Kristin Fogarty-Yi, owner of OBJEKT Architecture

Kristin Fogarty-Yi, owner of OBJEKT Architecture

“I really love just learning from my clients what they really love and being able to take that to the next level for them and give them their dream home.” – Kristin Fogarty-Yi

Listen to Episode 127 with Kristin Fogarty-Yi!

Top podcast highlights:

1:59 – Kristin, our newest Chamber member, begins to talk about her background and how she got started in the industry.

4:12 – Learn about how Kristin began building her own firm. Kristin: “I really wanted to focus on my own business, and everything fell in line.” She runs the business herself but has great connections for other parts of her projects!

5:55 – Tune in to hear about some of the projects Kristin showcases on her Instagram page.

6:33 – We love our Andersonville area! Hear about how Kristin chose to be a part of our Chamber.

7:38 – Kristin talks about what it has been like adjusting her work flow with COVID-19 and becoming her own boss.

9:44 – Hear from a professional what the design process is like! Kristin:I like having that collaboration with the client because this is their home. This is their dream home. It’s where their families are going to grow up.”

14:40 – There’s no hiccup in the process that Kristin can’t handle. Tune in to hear this story!

17:41 – Does Kristin have a favorite project? We’ll find out!

21:55 – Hear some of Kristin’s styles and era of architecture she’s drawn to. Hint: she loves them all.

“The floor plans I design are about experience and how you use the space, and I think that’s my signature style.”

2. MA Front

24:00 – Recently, one of OBJEKT Architechture’s projects was featured in the Modular Home Builders Association as Home of the Month for January 2021 (read here). Hear Kristin talk about what the process was like and the response.

28:40 – Hear some tips on where to start with redesigning/designing a space.

30:20 – Kristin loves communicating with the contractors, other architects and designers she works with. Learn more about why she thinks it’s so important to be willing to listen and learn!

31:33 – Tune in to hear about Kristin’s love of travel and where she takes some of her design inspiration from.

37:49 – If you are an aspiring architect or designer, listen here for the one piece of advice this professional wished she might have known starting out.

40:18 – Hear about the hurdles of being a woman in a very male-dominated field.

44:46 – Tune in for rapid fire questions! Questions include: Cat or dog person? Would you consider yourself a foodie? Do you have a favorite dish? Do you have a favorite spot in Andersonville? What is your favorite travel destination? If you could design a home anywhere, where would it be? In your opinion, what is one staple design piece that can bring a room together?

Objekt Architecture

Connect with Objekt Architecture on the following platforms:
Instagram: @objektarch_kristinfogartyyi
Phone: (612) 819-7454