Facade, Green Building, and Security Camera Incentives

Facade Rebate Program

Using funding from Special Service Area (SSA) #22, the Andersonville Facade Incentive Program is intended to provide funds to help small business owners improve the physical appearance of their storefronts. By improving individual storefronts, the program will help to revitalize and beautify the entire Andersonville commercial district, enhance the pedestrian scale streetscape and ensure that exceptional design solutions are introduced within this nationally recognized historic district and its 116 contributing buildings.

Funded by Andersonville Special Service Area (SSA) #22, rebates are available for up to 50% of qualifying costs on approved construction projects exceeding $500. The maximum rebate is $5,000.

Please click here to download our Facade Incentive Program. These guidelines are especially helpful if you are seeking approval from the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce for a sign, awning, or sidewalk café permits. Note, the five page facade rebate application begins on page 15.

Green Building Incentive Program

The Andersonville Green Building Incentive Program (GBIP) provides business and commercial property owners with financial assistance towards improvements in their commercial spaces and operations that will have a positive and measurable environmental impact. Funding is provided by the Andersonville Special Service Area (SSA) #22. SSA Rebates are available for up to 75% of costs on approved green building projects, not to exceed a maximum rebate of $1,000.

Projects that are eligible for consideration under the Green Building Incentive Program will have positive and measurable outcomes in at least one of the following green building categories:

    1. Water conservation
    2. Hazardous, toxic material, and emissions reduction or elimination
    3. Energy efficiency
    4. Air quality
    5. Renewable energy
    6. Innovative green building project

Please click here to download our Green Building Incentive Program.

Security Camera Rebate Program

Andersonville Chamber of Commerce’s Security Camera Rebate Program (SCRP) encourages the safety of our businesses by granting an incentive to install security measures to help keep Andersonville a wonderful and safe place to shop, dine, and walk. This rebate program offers up to 50% of qualifying expenses with a maximum rebate of $750 for security enhancements for commercial businesses or property owners complying with program requirements. The program is managed by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, and funded solely by Special Service Area #22. This program provides financial assistance to the owners and tenants of buildings that have street level commercial space within the published Special Service Area #22 boundaries.

Please review ALL materials before you begin your project. Please click here to download our the Security Camera Rebate Program.

Andersonville Historic District Tax Credits

Historic District status is a federal program administered by the state designed to help preserve the character of areas with historically significant culture or architecture.

The designation gives commercial property owners federal tax incentives for property restoration , and it provides communities with an excellent promotional tool.

historic-district-faq to read Andersonville Historic Commercial District Fact Sheet for property owners. Find out more about the 20% Historic District Tax incentive for qualifying and historic properties. To see if you business or property is eligible for the historic district tax credit view our HD_Contributing_Properties.