$5 Burger

IMG_6869Every Saturday we offer a $5 Burger and Fries. This isn’t just ANY Burger! We blend a perfect mixture of ground beef, brisket bark & steak to create the patty while we cut our own Idaho potatoes for the fries. Extras for the burger are available but standardly served with lettuce, tomato & onion.


About Pork Shoppe

Our approach to BBQ is a take on all the best flavors of american classics from across the country. We’ve put our own spin on smoked meats with an emphasis on world flavor profiles inspired by our european roots. We strive to elevate the simplicity of barbecue while maintaining the authenticity of traditional techniques. Our hand-crafted meats range from old standbys such as Carolina style pulled pork, memphis dry rubbed ribs and Texas beef brisket to our own signature smoked pork belly pastrami. Our meats are cooked low and slow over a curated blend of hard woods. Pork Shoppe is a no frills kind of restaurant, just real food made by us from fresh locally sourced ingredients. We have perfected tradition while adding new favorites to the Chicago barbecue scene. Come enjoy a taste of the country in our casual urban atmosphere.