Free Fire Safety Needs Analysis (Normally $99)

Have your property reviewed by a licensed fire safety technician for free!

If you own a business, commercial building, or reside in a condominium association, you are legally required to have a specific number of portable fire extinguishers, emergency lighting units and other safety equipment throughout the property. The law also requires that this equipment be serviced and tagged by a licensed technician on an annual basis.

The first step in making sure that your property is up-to-code, and that you are legally protected, is to have an analysis performed to determine if you have the required levels of equipment. One of our licensed technicians will perform anĀ on-site review of your building(s), called a Needs Analysis Evaluation, and produce a detailed report letting you know exactly what you already have, and what additional equipment is needed (if any) to bring your property into compliance. You can learn more about the specifics of this evaluation and view a sample Needs Analysis Report on our process page.

The cost of the Needs Analysis Evaluation is $99. Using this deal, we will waive the $99 fee and perform the evaluation for free! This is a great chance to make sure that your building is safe and legally protected.

Contact our sales team and mention this deal to have your Needs Analysis Evaluation scheduled. (773) 741-1359.