New Students – get two weeks for $29 at Yoga Tree!

New students get two weeks of unlimited yoga for only $29! Please visit our studio to find out more and sign up.

About Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree is your friendly neighborhood yoga studio! Located in the heart of friendly Andersonville in Chicago, Yoga Tree is a warm and inviting space dedicated to the students’ yoga practice. Yoga Tree offers yoga classes for students just beginning and classes for students deep into their practice. The beginning level classes lay the roots, or foundation, for a student’s yoga practice. The more advanced levels help the students discover the motivations and philosophy behind behaviors, thoughts, and actions. Each class offers physical and mental benefits to deepen a student’s yoga practice. Yoga Tree prides itself on a strong sense of community. Yoga Tree staff is dedicated to encouraging students to develop self-reliance and celebrate their spirit. The studio invites yoga students of all levels to explore, awaken, and liberate the body, mind, and breath.