Reach local customers & support world class theatre

Andersonville is a unique, diverse, and exciting place to live, work, dine and shop. At Steep Theatre we’re proud to be a part of making our community culturally vibrant while bringing thousands of people to the neighborhood every year.

I’d like to give you the opportunity to reach out to our active, local customers while you show your support for the arts in Andersonville. By advertising in Steep’s program book you’ll put your business in front of 1,000-1,500 people who already know and love Andersonville. Help them find you and let them know that you share their love of local theatre.

Regular Prices: $150 (full page), $100 (1/2 page), $75 (1/4 page)
Discounted Prices for members of the Andersonville Chamber: $135 (full page), $90 (1/2 page), $67 (1/4 page)

Steep’s program is printed four times per year, and each printing is distributed to 1,000-1,500 people. Contact Kate Piatt-Eckert at or (773) 649-3186 for information about the next print deadline.