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The Andersonville Community Compost program is a community-focused food scraps collection service provided in partnership with The Urban Canopy. Here’s a quick summary of the details:

  • Members get a clean 5-gallon bucket to throw compostable food scraps in.
  • This bucket is picked up and replaced, by The Urban Canopy, weekly, once every two weeks or once a month.
  • Food scrap buckets are then delivered to one of several local farms where the actual composting takes place. During the winter they are going to support Nature’s Little Recyclers – a worm farm in Back of the Yards!
  • Compost Club members get rewards! For every 10 paid compost pickups, members are eligible to receive a 2 LB bag of concentrated worm castings, a gift card to a restaurant that composts with The Urban Canopy, or a gift certificate to one of the farmers markets The Urban Canopy attends.

To join the program: Please follow the link below and fill out the form on The Urban Canopy’s website. There are currently three options for the frequency of your pickups. The service rates are $35/month for weekly pickups, $25/month for bi-weekly pickups, and $15/month for monthly pickups. A $10 initiation fee is added to your first month of composting if you choose not to sign up for PayPal autopay.

To sign up directly please visit:

To find out more, please contact: or 872-444-6764

In addition to RESIDENTIAL pickup services, The Urban Canopy now offers EVENT and COMMERCIAL composting options

Composting FAQs

What can and cannot go in the bucket?

CAN Compost: Vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, yard waste, meat, bones, dairy products, coffee grounds and filters, egg shells, compostable plastics, tea bags, tissues, paper towels, newspaper. Check The Urban Canopy website for the complete list!

CANNOT Compost: Excessive cooking oil, glossy paper products, staples from tea-bags, pet waste, twisty ties, rubber bands. Check The Urban Canopy website for the complete list!

Where do you leave the bucket? You are strongly encouraged to leave your bucket in the FRONT of your building for pickup/drop off. Buckets are vulnerable in the back of buildings & are more likely to get stolen. Examples: “Next to front door” or “Hidden behind front bush.” If you live in a high rise, a mail room or front door person can help!

What happens if my bin is stolen? If your bin is stolen, you’ll need to notify The Urban Canopy immediately. If you inform them by 12PM the day after your bucket was delivered, they will bring you a replacement bucket free of charge. If you don’t notify them in that time period, you can still schedule another bucket to be delivered for a fee.

Where are the food-scraps taken? Food scraps are taken to be composted at The Urban Canopy’s Englewood farm site as well as Nature’s Little Recyclers various processing sites. Nature’s Little Recyclers is a commercial earthworm farm on the South side of Chicago.


eco-Andersonville is very happy to promote the new Recycle By City website, which includes a great Residential Guide, a Curbside Quiz, and Recycling Tips & Links. It’s a very fun, user-friendly guide on how to recycle in Chicago – especially helpful when you’re trying to decide whether an item belongs in a Blue Cart or in the garbage.

You can also recycle along Clark Street as you shop, dine, and play in Andersonville!


The Andersonville Recycles! program has been collecting paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass in the historic district since 2009. Through a partnership with the Chicago Resource Center – which guarantees a recycling rate of 99% – Andersonville Recycles! continues to be Chicago’s only comprehensive initiative to provide recycling options for pedestrians in a neighborhood commercial district outside the Loop.

  • Estimated 46 tons of recyclable material diverted from area landfills since 2009
  • 99% of recyclable material collected was recycled
  • Still the only neighborhood streetscape recycling program in Chicago offering: glass, paper, plastic and aluminum recycling
  • Recognized in the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, and Mindful Metropolis

Fifteen recycling bins located along the Clark Street commercial corridor encourage pedestrians to recycle glass, paper, plastic and aluminum. Materials in the bins are collected weekly by The Resource Center, a non-profit recycling and reuse organization that utilizes hand separation to guarantee a 99% recycle rate. Through measurements taken at each pick-up, organizers have calculated that over 4 tons of material are recycled and diverted away from landfills each year!

Andersonville Recycles has diverted nearly 35 tons of paper alone. Each ton of recycled paper equates to saving 9 barrels of oil, 60 pounds of air pollutants, 7,000 gallons of water waste, and roughly 3 cubic yards of landfill.

The recycling bins were funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.