On Berwyn between Clark and Ashland

May to October 2017


2017 Vendors

Stay Tuned for our 2017 season! Our 2017 application is available below in our Be a Vendor section.

Sponsor the Farmers Market

Sponsoring the market is a great way to market  tool for your business and also supports access to fresh, local food! Our busy market offers sponsorships opportunities at various levels of engagement, some of which include a booth space at the market (on a weekly basis) for you to publicize your business. We also offer local retailers weekly opportunities to participate in the market in our “Spotlight Space.” If you’re interested in sponsoring the Andersonville Farmers Market, want more information about our sponsorship levels or fees, or have any questions about sponsor benefits, please email market manager Joan Oberndorf at

Get involved!

Donate: Support the market by donating to the Andersonville Sustainable Community Alliance. The Andersonville Farmers Market is just one of many great neighborhood events and programs that the ADC hosts each year. Please consider donating to continue our efforts to bring fun, unique, family-friendly neighborhood activities to the Andersonville Farmers Market. Please follow the link and note the Andersonville Farmers Market when you donate.

Volunteer: Volunteers are needed to help with market setup and breakdown. Helping out at the market is a blast, plus it’s a great opportunity to get to know the market “behind the scenes.” If you are interested please fill out SURVEY and we will contact you a week prior to the market for confirmation. Please contact David Oakes at if you are interested and have any questions.

Entertainment: The Andersonville Farmers Market is proud to welcome local musicians to come celebrate the warm weather, food, and community!! If you are interested in playing at the Andersonville Farmers Market or have questions about our entertainment, please contact Joan Oberndorf at

Be a vendor: Thank you for your interest in applying for the Andersonville Farmers Market. Please read our FAQs and apply by filling out our 2017 application. If you have any additional questions please send us an email at and we would be happy to help. Due to space considerations, we are not able to accept vendors selling crafts or other non-food items.

Link/Credit/Debit cards at the Market

The Andersonville Farmers Market accepts Link, credit, and debit cards! The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce booth can now process your credit/debit card in exchange for tokens that you can use throughout the market! Our LINK program uses tokens. Here’s how it works:

Credit/Debit tokens are GREEN and can be used the same as cash at the market. Credit/debit tokens are worth $5 (there is a convenience fee of 25 cents per token to cover our processing costs) and change can be given by vendors for these tokens.

LINK tokens are BLUE and can be used to purchase Link approved items at participating booths. LINK tokens are worth $1 (no processing fee) and vendors cannot give change for these tokens.

BOTH tokens can be used at any time during the season. You don’t have to spend them all at once!

LOLO at the Andersonville Farmers Market

Earn 5% in local rewards when you use your credit/debit card to buy tokens at the Andersonville Winter Market.

Rewards can be redeemed at participating businesses (see for list of businesses or to sign up).


Andersonville Farmers Market is proud to continue our partnership with LINK Up Illinois!!


We are thankful for LINK Up Illinois 2016 sponsorship. We are not guaranteed funds for the entire 2017 Andersonville Market season’s matching program, but we will keep you up-to-date on the status of our matching funds via our newsletter and the website. Thank you to all of our participants for their understanding and patience.

We will match up to $20 in LINK token purchases per card holder, per market day. The offer will last while funds are available.

A great, free cookbook by author Leanne Brown is now available online. The book moves throughout the growing season with affordable meal recipes with ingredients purchased at your local farmers market on the cheap. A fantastic resource for anyone on a budget!


Experience the Market

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