Green Building Incentive Program

The Andersonville Green Building Incentive Program (GBIP) provides business and commercial property owners with financial assistance towards improvements in their commercial spaces and operations that will have a positive and measurable environmental impact. Funding is provided by the Andersonville Special Service Area (SSA) #22. SSA rebates are available for up to 75% of costs on approved green building projects, not to exceed a maximum rebate of $1,000.

Projects that are eligible for consideration under the Green Building Incentive Program will have positive and measurable outcomes in at least one of the following green building categories:

    1. Water conservation
    2. Hazardous, toxic material, and emissions reduction or elimination
    3. Energy efficiency
    4. Air quality
    5. Renewable energy
    6. Innovative green building project

Please click here to download our GBIP guidelines and procedures and GBIP rebate application.

To learn more about the Green Building Incentive Program, please contact:

David Oakes, Business Services Manager, 773-728-2995,

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