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Friends of eco-Andersonville,

Andersonville today is celebrated as a haven for independent businesses. That began more than 10 years ago with Andersonville Development Corporation’s (ADC) landmark Andersonville Study of Retail Economics, which garnered international acclaim for proving the positive impact of locally-owned businesses on our local economy. ADC has since received broad recognition for our eco-Andersonville initiative and the innovative sustainability programs we implement for the benefit of the larger Andersonville community.

In 2016, the Andersonville Development Corporation was officially renamed the Andersonville Sustainable Community Alliance (ASCA). ASCA is committed to continuing the work of ADC while growing our sustainability initiatives even further.

To grow ASCA’s efforts and help keep our community strong for 2015 and beyond, please consider a year-end gift to ASCA. A tax-deductible donation of as little as $50 can have a real impact on ensuring Andersonville continues to be Chicago’s pioneer in social, environmental and economic sustainability.

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Just consider, since 2013 we:

  • Launched Chicago’s first and largest community compost collection program, serving more than 130 households and annually diverting almost 45,000 pounds of food scraps from landfills.
  • Installed six bike corrals along Clark Street that provide 66 highly visible & secure bike parking spaces.
  • Commissioned three murals throughout Andersonville, with the most recent & largest installation at 5623 N. Clark Street by Chicagoan Justus Roe.
  • Worked with artist Matthew Hoffman to bring three public messages of positivity to the neighborhood, via the international You Are Beautiful campaign.
  • Initiated energy efficiency retrofits in 14 local businesses, lowering their annual lighting costs by up to 80%.
  • Maintained the largest business district recycling program of its kind outside of the Loop, collecting over 53 tons of recyclable materials since launching in 2009.
  • Organized two “Olive in Motion” pop-up park events, aimed at exposing both residents and businesses to the benefits of more public space in Andersonville.
  • Built two of Chicago’s first People Spots, which are installed seasonally along Clark Street.
  • Led a year-long training for 18 city agencies, representing all parts of Chicago, on how to address their own unique community challenges through the lens of sustainability.

We achieved these with the most modest of budgets and with a very small staff. Even so, none of this would have been possible without the support of people like you.  Because we know you value these programs as much as we do, we ask that you support our efforts towards another great year in Andersonville!

Board President

Don Cortelyou


Martin Sorge

Board Members

Joel Berman     Carla Bruni     Maggie Finnegan    Thom Greene     Kumar Jensen     Nina Newhouser

Steven Pryor     Brian Wallach     Brandon Wright

Director of Sustainability Programs
Michael Ashkenasi

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