Mindfulness-based Sobriety Group

Mindfulness-based Sobriety Group

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Support from others who care and understand is critical to maintaining sobriety. And being mindful – present and accepting of whatever is happening in the moment – is proven to be a crucial skill in loving yourself and making smart choices. This group will teach you how to be mindful, particularly in the face of addictions. Unlike any other group, you will actively learn how to use mindfulness to:

• Recognize with clarity and nonjudgment your own triggers and weaknesses

• Create the space and freedom around urges and triggering situations to make choices, instead of falling into automatic behaviors

• Embrace, without arrogance, your own strengths

• Really, truly FEEL without drowning in intensity or overwhelm

• Become more comfortable with and less afraid of difficult emotions

• Have genuine, real, connected relationships with others

Come experience the very real difference being in the moment makes!

This is an on-going group with open admissions.

Facilitated by: Scott Pasko, MSW, CADC. Scott has extensive personal and professional experience moving successfully through addictions and to a sober, meaningful, joyful life. He has been a trainer and practitioner for Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention, teaching other clinicians how to treat addictions with compassion, acceptance and a “here-and-now” focus at any stage of change.

Cost: $30 per group paid monthly ($120 or $150 per month). If finances are a barrier to attendance, ask about limited insurance reimbursement (for Blue Cross only).

Registration: Sign up here or call 773-368-9619.

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