Gift Guides 2017: Gifts for the Closet Nerd


Nerd: A single minded expert in a particular technical field. Have a nerd in your life? We have you covered. From coffee, to coloring, to board games and books, please check out our collection of gifts for your particularly minded friend. You won’t find pocket-protectors on this list!

Transit Tees Mugs

One for coffee, one for tea, one for hot cocoa: Transit Tees has your winter beverages covered – or at least contained.

Alleycat Comics Raiders of the North Sea Board Game

Is Monopoly the last board game you remember playing? Well, it’s time for an upgrade. Visit Alleycat Comics for this boxed treasure and so many more!

Transistor_Golden Girls Coloring Book

Say thank you for being a friend with this Golden Girls Coloring book from Transistor. Blanche’s colorful language not included.

Cowboys & Astronauts Ultimate Book of Card Games and Playing Cards

Don’t be a drag, just be a Queen. Find a friend and ditch the game of solitaire! This Ultimate Book of Card Games from Cowboys and Astronauts will keep you entertained for hours.

TrueNorth Chemex Coffe Maker

Drip coffee is so bean there done that. This Chemex Coffee Maker from TrueNorth Café will not only change the way you take your coffee, but it also looks stylish on your island.

Salt Lamp 4

Increase your energy and get better sleep with this Himalayan Salt Lamp from On the Rocks: Gems, Jewels and More. Plug it in and watch the magic happen.

Martha Mae Pencil Sharpener

You may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but this fine gadget from Martha Mae will keep your pencil on point! It’s never a dull moment in Andersonville.

Women & Children First Gift Card

Give the gift of reading. Just do it. Books from Women and Children First are awesome and they will make you a more interesting person. You can be anything! Take a look, it’s in a book, a Reading Rainbow.

CBD Kratom_Mr. Nice Guy Socks

No time for a pedicure? Warm your feet and hide your toes with these socks from CBD Kratom.

Please bring your gifts to our wrapping events at George’s Ice Cream and Sweets on 12/8 and 12/22 during Andersonville Late Nights. All the wrapping paper, tape and scissors will be available!