Miss Andersonville 2015 – Meet The Finalists!

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the naming of our neighborhood, and to celebrate we will once again crown a Miss Andersonville at Midsommarfest on Sunday, June 14! This year, 6 vivacious contestants will compete for the title by raising the most money for a local non-profit organization of their choice.

Meet the contestants and support your favorite at the kickoff event this coming Saturday, May 30th at Mary’s Attic starting at 3PM. Our contestants will kick off their fundraising by going head-to-head showcasing their talents and answering fun pageant questions all while sporting outfits that represent the unique spirit of Andersonville. There is a $5 cover at the door, there will be drink specials available, and we promise you will have a ton of fun! Check out our Facebook invite for the event and invite your friends.

Each contestant will have until 6pm on Sunday, June 14 to see who can raise the most money for their charity. The winner will be announced during the 16 Candles performance on the North Stage the Sunday of Midsommarfest (starts at 7pm, June 14). We encourage you to check out each Fundrazr campaign listed below and give the contestants and their nonprofits your heartiest support.

And now, the contestants!

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April Friedman-Hurvitz

April settled in Andersonville when she first moved to Chicago and has lived in the area ever since. She loves to eat at Calo and work out at Cheetah Gym.  She has been a member of the Chicago Spirit Brigade for 2 years and loves cheerleading. April’s hobbies also include singing karaoke, playing board games, and knitting. April is fundraising for Apna Ghar, an organization that supports both families and victims of domestic abuse. If she wins, April would use her tiara to help support local businesses and would love to help build a community garden.

boob2014-3 face (800x656)

Boobs Radley

An Edgewater native, Boobs loves frequenting Andersonville businesses—like getting her snacks at the Middle Eastern Bakery, or her yarn at Windy Knitty. This Dirty Bird Burlesque performer is a cat lover; she’ll be fundraising for Tree House, a safe haven for abused and neglected cats where she frequently volunteers helping rehabilitate cats that have been rejected.  If Boobs wins, she will advocate for pet adoption as well as raising awareness for the importance of spaying and neutering pets—and would announce her title as Miss Andersonville at her burlesque shows across the nation.

KRomero (534x800)

Kevin Romero

Kevin has lived in Andersonville for 3 years. By day: a manager at a hospital in the northern suburbs. By night: an energetic stand-up comedian and improv player at The pH Comedy Theater.  When Kevin is not busy being president of his condo association, he gets his hair done at Esquire barber shop, throws parties with Swedish Bakery goods, and goes furniture shopping at places like Scout, Square Nail and Brimfield. Kevin is fundraising for The pH Comedy Theater, a non-profit theater that hosts amazingly funny local talent (and once a year brings zombies to Clark Street). If he wins, he would like to use his tiara to put more smiles on people’s faces, to bring more comedy to Andersonville… and world peace.

Bente_Engelstoft (533x800)

Bente Engelsoft

A long time Andersonville resident, Bente is a comedian and an actor. This Danish-Mexican from Texas has lived in Andersonville for 4 years and appreciates the neighborhood’s diversity. She is currently producing and performing a Tribune-acclaimed show entitled “ORAL: A Storytelling Hour” at The Annoyance Theater in Chicago. Bente works as a barista at First Slice in Andersonville and loves the nonprofit work they do. She loves the small-town feel of this corner of the big city, from seeing the parrots at Pauline’s to getting her shoes fixed at Masters Shoe Repair. Bente will be fundraising for The Crib at The Night Ministry, a group that supports teenagers and young adults struggling with poverty and homelessness. If crowned Miss Andersonville, she will campaign to “Keep Andersonville Beautiful” inside and out and feels it’s about time the water tower goes back up!

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Mark King, aka The Divine Ima-Beth Seller

Mark, a proud resident and the unofficial diva of Andersonville, has lived here for 13 years. Mark travels the Midwest as visual manager for work but always returns to Andersonville, his favorite place to be. When he is not working, Mark likes to shop at Foursided, eat at Calo, and support Women and Children First Bookstore. Mark will be fundraising for Friends of Andersonville, an advocacy group that promotes literacy in all area schools through outreach. If Mark wins, the platform he would use (besides his shoes) would be to educate, inspire, and entertain as well as to share the rich culture and true beauty of Andersonville.


Sangini, aka Swindian

Sangini moved to Andersonville in 2003 and loved it so much, she hasn’t left since. She has been a member at the Cheetah Gym for over 12 years and fell in love with a dance style unique to this establishment. The cool kids call it Old Skool (with a k) which incorporates the freshest dance moves with old school and contemporary hip hop beats. Sangini will be fundraising for the company she works for- Chicago Cares, an organization that connects volunteers to projects where Chicagoans are most in need, including supporting seniors, kids, and those living in hunger and homelessness. If she wins, she will connect people to Andersonville, build relationships and become an ambassador for Andersonville from social media outlets as well as public outreach.