Andersonville Development CorporationĀ supports a vibrant and resilient Andersonville through innovation, education, and research.

Our main areas of work include:

Environmental Sustainability

  • People Spots and bike corrals
  • Green Building Incentive
  • Streetscape Recycling
  • Eco-Andersonville Sustainable Business Certification Program
  • Eco-Andersonville educational events
  • Sustainability advocacy


  • Market studies and analysis
  • Consumer surveys
  • Andersonville Study of Retail Economics. The study that brought Andersonville international acclaim by showing that locally owned businesses re-circulate more money within the local economy than non-local businesses!
  • Asset mapping


  • Available commercial space tracking
  • Business attraction and landlord relations
  • Development guidelines, site strategies, and long-range plans
  • Program development
  • Andersonville City Made Festival
  • Andersonville Home Brew Competition
  • Andersonville Honors
  • Stewardship of the built environment
  • Andersonville Historic District
  • Andersonville Facade Rebate Program