Things to love about Midsommarfest 2013: Beer sales support great local organizations

Friends of PeirceIf you were looking for a reason to grab another beer at one of our Andersonville Community Beer Booths (located at Catalpa, Balmoral, and Berwyn), look no further:

Each time you buy a beer at Midsommarfest, you can help support schools and other great organizations in our neighborhood!  The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce is donating a portion of our beer proceeds to these local organizations: Friends of Peirce Elementary, Friends of Trumbull Elementary* and the Swedish American Museum.

Each of these organizations are providing volunteers (parents, staff, and other friends) to staff the beer booths during the weekend.** So, step right up to the beer booths at Catalpa, Balmoral & Berwyn, give your friendly beer booth volunteer a high-five and tell them you’ll have another one for the kids & community!

*Yes, Trumbull Elementary is closing, however the dedicated group of parents and staff behind Friends of Trumbull are still looking to raise money to support educational efforts in the community. 

**Just so you know, there is no child labor involved – what were you thinking?