When Opportunity Knocks


Sometimes when an unfamiliar opportunity presents itself – you have to go for it. Jump in and figure it out as you go, trust your gut. I certainly didn’t envision having Loyola University students create two 30-second commercials when I flippantly asked our friends at the Chicago Filmmakers if they knew anyone who might be interested in some probono work creating content marketing for our membership. One email introduction lead to another person who directed me to someone else and before I knew it, I had 4 enormous post it notes on the wall of my office breaking down our membership by industry and geography – strategizing about which business would be the best fit. It turns out two professors in the Loyola School of Communication were teaching a commercial production course and one of the projects was a commercial re-creation assignment; whereby students produced commercial spots for local Chicago businesses, based on technical elements used in successful foreign commercials. This took a bit of the script-writing and branding out of the hands of the business owner and left a lot of room for student imagination and creativity.

The results were two very brave business owners (Mandy and Ted), taking a chance and giving these Loyola students creative control to make a commercial for their businesses – Windy Knitty and The Brixton. I applaud these business owners for taking time out of their busy days, not to mention a big-time chance on these students, who ended up doing an amazing job. While these 30 second commercials may not have the financial backing and production-level to warrant prime time on Super Bowl Sunday, they both got a laugh out of me. So, without further ado:

Windy Knitty – ‘Come Make Magic With Yarn’ 

The Brixon – ‘Change is Inevitable’